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Transfer History

Players bought: 71
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 1,421,167,961
Total sales: Rs 1,817,499,436
Displaying 101-120 of 152 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-11-2016Ian PittMIDGETS WITH CREW CUTSThe MSD Special Army 20,30927,500,000 
02-11-2016Bilal LashariThe BeatablesThe MSD Special Army 17,98127,500,000 
31-10-2016Thushan RandivThe MSD Special ArmyFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 31,6426,626,600 
31-10-2016Saud GhazaliThe MSD Special ArmyJodhpur X1 38,6473,159,700 
31-10-2016Harry LavaterThe MSD Special ArmyDabanGG 77,29856,500,800 
30-10-2016Piumi NisansalaThe MSD Special ArmyMacrusXI 111,3038,323,200 
28-10-2016Joseph AlexTratanThe MSD Special Army 20,88733,785,100 
27-10-2016Earl SpraggThe MSD Special ArmyAJAY SMASHERS 31,64619,793,000 
27-10-2016Travis PontingMelbourne Renegade'sThe MSD Special Army 13,98125,000,000 
27-10-2016John WalkerSTYLISH STARSThe MSD Special Army 22,90425,000,000 
26-10-2016Dale LloydThe MSD Special ArmyHazro Badshah 50,17242,759,200 
26-10-2016Ansh GovindasamiBoombaboomThe MSD Special Army 18,46040,000,000 
23-10-2016Ziaur Habibcobras 1980The MSD Special Army 26,267200,000 
19-10-2016Swaraj ChowdaryThe MSD Special ArmyDarkWeaver's XI 121,13215,606,000 
17-10-2016Victor WilliamsThe MSD Special ArmyWorld Class Warriors 27,92911,260,000 
14-10-2016Hauke RhodesDeactivated teamThe MSD Special Army 14,73840,000 
14-10-2016Balram KurukkalINDCRIDBLE INDIAThe MSD Special Army 19,211100,000 
13-10-2016Lahiru AmerasingheThe MSD Special ArmyBUSH RANGERS 2850 85,91647,754,400 
13-10-2016Kyan RhodenThe MSD Special ArmyMumbai Smashers XI 71,79561,224,500 
10-10-2016Ross MoodyApocalypseThe MSD Special Army 7,42510,000 
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