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Transfer History

Players bought: 71
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 1,421,167,961
Total sales: Rs 1,817,499,436
Displaying 81-100 of 152 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-04-2017Anoop ChattopadhayMuslim brotherhood 6687The MSD Special Army 13,36133,333 
16-04-2017Sobhan MinhasMumbai Kings 4356The MSD Special Army 4,758100,000 
01-04-2017Dilhara AmaratungaThe MSD Special Armydsp champs 19,3845,071,400 
27-03-2017Baqar Buttmanoj msdThe MSD Special Army 14,9095,000,000 
21-03-2017Chanaka ArangalaThe MSD Special ArmyKill Bill 2 26,58618,500,000 
10-03-2017Nuwan SrinathThe MSD Special ArmyGoa Gangster 14,809887,500 
08-03-2017Alwis NishanthaThe MSD Special ArmyProteas De Firsttimers 8,554700,000 
08-03-2017Basil SilvaThe MSD Special ArmyGujarat The Great 8,810714,000 
08-03-2017Neerad TamhaneThe MSD Special ArmyDeactivated team 14,9631,761,000 
07-03-2017Abeysekera RatnayakeThe MSD Special Armyhamsys blasters 17,4211,020,000 
05-03-2017Roderick JordanMysore MasalaThe MSD Special Army 40,45849,500,000 
04-03-2017Travis PontingThe MSD Special ArmyCOFFELOVERS 48,76250,000,000 
04-03-2017Patrick WontnerFalco Belagavi XIThe MSD Special Army 38,00432,000,000 
03-03-2017Henry AndersonDeactivated teamThe MSD Special Army 39,13932,323,232 
02-03-2017Baird HewettLost Boys of NeverlandThe MSD Special Army 41,27844,224,700 
04-02-2017Ajay KumarThe MSD Special ArmyDeactivated team 15,8233,700,600 
02-01-2017Nikhilesh JastiPawanism 8189The MSD Special Army 13,754132,600 
01-01-2017Waheed JafferArnhem Cricket ClubThe MSD Special Army 11,7881,000,000 
05-11-2016Zohaib TanoliThe MSD Special ArmyDeactivated team 15,15911,000 
03-11-2016Hiroshi AmaratungaThe MSD Special ArmyGali warriors 17,3001,943,100 
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