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Transfer History

Players bought: 71
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 1,421,167,961
Total sales: Rs 1,817,499,436
Displaying 61-80 of 152 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-03-2018Russel AtapattuterminaterThe MSD Special Army 168,491137,724,300 
20-02-2018Gurumoorthy KudumbanThe MSD Special ArmyTARAK FANS 100,75683,897,800 
20-11-2017Gayani SamaraweeraThe MSD Special ArmyKSK Hunter 13,8341,859,800 
03-10-2017Senaka AnandappaThe MSD Special ArmyCh Warriors 13,5961,774,900 
09-09-2017Baqar ButtThe MSD Special ArmyLee Leopards 59,33120,405,500 
22-07-2017Abhay KapoorThe MSD Special ArmyAsian invasion XI 45,00536,569,500 
15-06-2017Roshan WeerakoonThe MSD Special ArmyChidambaram Cheetahs 13,8734,598,200 
14-05-2017John WalkerThe MSD Special ArmyOmnipotentS 72,96434,310,000 
11-05-2017Gurumoorthy KudumbanTHE WALL'S U20 TEAMThe MSD Special Army 15,9454,000,000 
11-05-2017Joseph AlexThe MSD Special ArmyThe Starks of Winterfell 79,91451,000,000 
10-05-2017Ian PittThe MSD Special ArmyNorthern Titans 89,23158,727,400 
09-05-2017Ankur SubramanianDarkKnights LegacyThe MSD Special Army 19,79916,897,400 
08-05-2017Abhay KapoorPerth Scorcher'sThe MSD Special Army 20,7544,185,200 
03-05-2017Ansh GovindasamiThe MSD Special ArmyVignesh CC 76,97139,866,700 
01-05-2017Henry AndersonThe MSD Special ArmyBattleStar Galactica 44,05626,167,900 
29-04-2017Patrick WontnerThe MSD Special Armyjay XI 363321 42,98435,206,800 
19-04-2017Bilal LashariThe MSD Special ArmyAnil Blaster 11 63,56633,021,500 
18-04-2017Roderick JordanThe MSD Special ArmyEagle Cricket Club 40,45830,314,600 
18-04-2017Baird HewettThe MSD Special ArmyKarthik Warriors 46,28235,330,700 
16-04-2017Santhosh ViswaSarvick smashersThe MSD Special Army 10,15810,000 
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