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Transfer History

Players bought: 71
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 1,421,167,961
Total sales: Rs 1,817,499,436
Displaying 21-40 of 152 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-10-2019John GlenGill Badshah's XIThe MSD Special Army 366,599140,000,000 
13-09-2019Dulal BoruahThe MSD Special ArmyMIDDLE XI 17,4851,470,000 
13-09-2019Brett TrewinThe MSD Special ArmyPak Spartans 25,0023,904,200 
13-09-2019Akansh DharawadkarThe MSD Special ArmyPak Spartans 24,9073,585,000 
15-08-2019Sudipto DeyThe MSD Special ArmySudipto XI 75,71750,783,200 
15-08-2019Babar YasinThe MSD Special ArmyDeactivated team 13,823950,000 
14-08-2019Sunil TuboiThe MSD Special Armycamo 25,608685,000 
10-08-2019Devansh BagariaSolar Assassin'sThe MSD Special Army 184,264210,000,000 
25-07-2019Ahsan GolbahariThe MSD Special ArmyPerformance Enhancing Assassins 14,9831,444,400 
22-07-2019Shrish HemrajaniThe MSD Special ArmySunrisers Hyderabad 92 8,4025,002,700 
09-07-2019Debendra SharmaSolar Assassin'sThe MSD Special Army 172,146127,378,200 
30-06-2019Sunil TuboiSouthern Super KingsThe MSD Special Army 25,608750,000 
23-06-2019Akansh DharawadkarSantu2dareThe MSD Special Army 24,9076,500,000 
23-06-2019Brett TrewinKAVVAL TIGERS XIThe MSD Special Army 21,9208,000,000 
25-04-2019Sourav KumarSammy SmackersThe MSD Special Army 21,6769,120,000 
25-04-2019Sanjay BhatiaYASH M XIThe MSD Special Army 18,4754,000,000 
25-04-2019Anuj BangaramSatkhira ExpressThe MSD Special Army 26,54213,810,000 
23-01-2019Umar SahiHanu xiThe MSD Special Army 12,6781,500,000 
22-01-2019Dulal BoruahChallengers MadmaxThe MSD Special Army 12,9522,000,000 
20-01-2019Nikhilesh JastiThe MSD Special ArmyBaroda 14,284135,000 
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