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Transfer History

Players bought: 76
Players sold: 93
Total purchases: Rs 753,691,298
Total sales: Rs 728,165,179
Displaying 1-20 of 165 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-09-2020Vishnu WohraDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYLions XI 2103 12,8492,270,000 
04-06-2019Mois JacobJAT KingsDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMY 257,14388,674,200 
01-06-2019Rajat Hajarimayumdragon rangerDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMY 4,873848,800 
28-05-2019Sourav SaxenaDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYGOA ELITES 13,0433,015,000 
28-05-2019Dwayne DanielDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYRAHUL DRAVID CLUB 114,24666,804,400 
27-05-2019Nabi ZazaiKaloTara Super XIDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMY 58,44857,640,000 
24-05-2019Tanuj BhattDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYGOA ELITES 27,12215,250,000 
22-05-2019Bowen McGuireDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYSandalwood Kings 47,35819,000,000 
21-05-2019Babla SinghDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYDivision players 68,05534,003,200 
13-05-2019Danish FahadDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYINDIA XI BLUE 13,472960,000 
05-05-2019thiyagarajan AnandDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYRajasthan royals m 31,53618,430,000 
04-05-2019Chris RonchiKerala Thunder BirdsDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMY 25,6091,890,100 
03-05-2019Arjun BarooahDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYMice 55,84951,080,000 
07-04-2019Divakar TendulkarDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYashu rockstars 27,8228,373,000 
17-03-2019thiyagarajan AnandBandit GurusDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMY 20,99813,112,800 
17-03-2019Bowen McGuireDivision playersDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMY 41,82332,332,000 
16-03-2019Sushant BhattDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYRAHUL DRAVID CLUB 65,72126,430,000 
15-03-2019Abhik PanditDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYRAHUL DRAVID CLUB 18,7896,375,000 
25-02-2019Abdul KardarMIRPUR CA XIDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMY 222,52189,957,700 
18-02-2019Emelda AleongDRAVID CRICKET ACADEMYRAHUL DRAVID CLUB 20,8477,460,000 
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