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Transfer History

Players bought: 365
Players sold: 474
Total purchases: Rs 8,228,796,861
Total sales: Rs 11,707,719,247
Displaying 1-20 of 813 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-07-2021Bhartihari PratapNow or NeverLions XI 3337 21,90018,690,000 
11-06-2021Peter HelmslyPagla Chulke NeNow or Never 202,929117,823,600 
10-06-2021Madhur BhatnagarJohn Thomp ClubNow or Never 144,94025,006,800 
24-05-2021Myron HawkinsDev REDDY HuntersNow or Never 251,75777,777,777 
22-05-2021Bhoopendra BordoloiMS DHONI MILINDNow or Never 394,01635,000,000 
29-04-2021Bhartihari PratapEmerald kingsNow or Never 16,57410,600,000 
29-04-2021Shaun LeeAsh Warriors 4955Now or Never 12,8673,300,000 
23-04-2021Alarassan RajaNow or NeverFaizyfiends 238,854140,889,200 
23-04-2021Wahab HossainNow or NeverYoungBoyz RockMafia 233,527202,352,200 
16-03-2021Simon HaywardNow or NeverMAHABHARAT 53,07635,474,100 
14-03-2021Rahat AkhtarNow or NeverBhau Ghaseet Pur 186,349133,601,300 
13-03-2021Shrish KhandelwalNow or NeverKhany Supper League 1395 166,796140,504,000 
13-03-2021Aayush SaxenaNow or NeverDeactivated team 241,204183,717,400 
07-02-2021Archie JackeyMumbai Glassbreakers 3740Now or Never 328,94360,795,300 
03-02-2021Raj KohliNow or NeverJetani Dangers 11 12,7702,240,000 
02-02-2021Marcus PearseNow or NeverDeVils OF HAVEN 219,58460,240,400 
31-01-2021Aharsi KhoundNow or NeverDeVils OF HAVEN 194,97051,542,400 
30-01-2021Ajithan WettimunyNow or NeverAds Baap Ji 139,69233,647,300 
29-01-2021Rahat AkhtarDADAWARRIORS INDIANow or Never 163,44697,110,000 
28-01-2021Simon HaywardJ&K xiNow or Never 38,98910,410,500 
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