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Transfer History

Players bought: 58
Players sold: 108
Total purchases: Rs 2,049,799,900
Total sales: Rs 2,177,955,140
Displaying 1-20 of 165 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-11-2019Henry HamnerBEST OF All TIME XiThe Storm Riders 146,643110,000,000 
13-11-2019Satvik AhaleyJatin Warriors 7289The Storm Riders 18,72821,073,200 
06-11-2019Mitch DayThe Storm RidersMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 225,02680,830,000 
06-11-2019Vinit BhattThe Storm RidersKk Gillies 134,60572,533,800 
25-09-2019Debendranath AroraThe Storm RidersProbable Flyer 13,3742,280,000 
14-08-2019Debabrata BordoloiSoMeRsEt ClUbThe Storm Riders 13,3659,004,200 
13-08-2019Vamshi JakkalaKerala Blasters CCThe Storm Riders 13,0955,527,300 
25-07-2019Ruthvik DallaThe Storm RidersSeattle Seahawks 23,09240,169,500 
25-07-2019Debashish BarooahThe Storm RidersGoku's Strikers 46,13613,070,700 
22-07-2019Austen EbertEtawah XIThe Storm Riders 251,101127,617,900 
19-07-2019Abhinaw JaipuriaThe Storm RidersYASH M XI 215,889111,678,500 
08-05-2019Debashish BarooahDreamstartThe Storm Riders 13,8972,290,000 
07-05-2019Harshal MararPerfectXIThe Storm Riders 289,077140,964,800 
01-05-2019Nishit KhannaThe Storm RidersHaamzh Pirates 161,24571,874,400 
26-04-2019Harshal KoliThe Storm RidersTeam Canada 7242 149,32584,044,100 
22-04-2019Aluri SandaruwanThe Storm RidersMITHILA GLADIATORS 22,8131,562,700 
01-03-2019Mitch DayThe Storm RidersThe Storm Riders 120,20359,655,000 
01-03-2019Abhisht ArakeriParkar XIThe Storm Riders 104,37580,110,400 
24-02-2019Raju JainLUKKY 11The Storm Riders 13,5743,774,800 
22-02-2019Hugh WaddinghamThe Storm RidersTanny's XI 76,21740,500,400 
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