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Transfer History

Players bought: 144
Players sold: 103
Total purchases: Rs 751,126,260
Total sales: Rs 873,223,040
Displaying 1-20 of 247 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-07-2019Abhirup BhattacharjeeDep DentorsBlood Of IDR 18,6815,000,000 
30-07-2019Vyomesh AlagamuthuDep DentorsBlood Of IDR 37,52224,100,000 
30-07-2019Somachandra AchinathMaster Blaster 4958Blood Of IDR 15,6429,090,000 
30-07-2019Ivan QuongMaster Blaster 4958Blood Of IDR 21,95513,300,000 
29-07-2019Edmund AaronMumbai Indians 01Blood Of IDR 26,20814,520,000 
27-07-2019Anupam KomBlood Of IDRDurham Wolves 21,0107,602,400 
26-06-2019Viswanath GurucharanaBlood Of IDRFINANCIAL HUB 35,45821,270,000 
26-06-2019Gordon MbeluBlood Of IDRFINANCIAL HUB 69,31217,925,000 
26-06-2019Jerard JaquesBlood Of IDRFINANCIAL HUB 42,8109,420,000 
22-06-2019Subbaiyan YadavDurham WolvesBlood Of IDR 18,3887,010,000 
22-06-2019Grant SullivanDurham WolvesBlood Of IDR 23,74712,900,000 
08-06-2019James TilleyRelinquished XIBlood Of IDR 11,9163,000,000 
04-06-2019Simon RamasodiRelinquished XIBlood Of IDR 10,1791,660,000 
02-06-2019Ramesh TrivediBlood Of IDRzohib khan 2220 101,47240,109,500 
31-05-2019Pramodhya ChamikaDooms XIBlood Of IDR 14,3371,492,800 
31-05-2019Sourav SharmaDooms XIBlood Of IDR 19,1015,177,600 
31-05-2019James KabuDooms XIBlood Of IDR 13,5822,563,100 
31-05-2019Lewis WilliamsDooms XIBlood Of IDR 12,3012,570,400 
25-05-2019Daniel MartinMumbai Indians 01Blood Of IDR 13,6773,300,000 
24-05-2019Anupam KomRelinquished XIBlood Of IDR 21,01012,300,000 
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