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Transfer History

Players bought: 202
Players sold: 191
Total purchases: Rs 2,167,913,210
Total sales: Rs 3,226,509,421
Displaying 1-20 of 384 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-02-2019Lakshin UllalThe Doctor's ArmyLUKKY 11 231,47493,000,000 
18-02-2019Shantanu ColneyThe Doctor's ArmyRed Streak 11,8366,863,700 
17-02-2019Rusty RhodesThe Doctor's ArmyLions U19 153,970100,940,000 
15-02-2019Andrew CoulterThe Doctor's ArmyShivaXI 215,913145,000,000 
15-02-2019Abhivan GoelThe Doctor's ArmyArianators 180,532152,981,800 
14-02-2019Arthur WheenThe Doctor's ArmyAlcoholics 203,520125,000,000 
12-02-2019Harun ZahidThe Doctor's ArmyResilient X1 168,43822,660,000 
11-02-2019Shane CookThe Doctor's ArmyBharat No 1 don 145,87917,680,600 
11-02-2019Brian BradshawThe Doctor's ArmyKarthik yuvians 174,30120,249,200 
10-02-2019Somal UdayakumarThe Doctor's ArmyClub Elite 199,47125,750,000 
10-02-2019Adam HardingeThe Doctor's ArmyLegendary Warrior 183,111125,000,000 
09-02-2019Ethan MilesThe Doctor's ArmyMumbai Indians 01 158,784135,000,000 
08-02-2019Rajendra DavuluriORT 11The Doctor's Army 4,14510,000 
06-02-2019Gerhard RoseThe legendary breakerThe Doctor's Army 1,1955,000 
06-02-2019Aghor Chakravartiwampire empireThe Doctor's Army 2,36110,000 
06-02-2019Sudhir Venkataramanwampire empireThe Doctor's Army 4,39920,000 
06-02-2019John Ebertmum'bhai'The Doctor's Army 1,7935,000 
05-02-2019Malesh VashuParikshit's XIThe Doctor's Army 76020,000 
05-02-2019Shailendra RakhejaParikshit's XIThe Doctor's Army 10020,000 
05-02-2019Shivam KhandelwalDelhi Devils rocksThe Doctor's Army 2,20810,000 
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