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Transfer History

Players bought: 46
Players sold: 31
Total purchases: Rs 503,335,154
Total sales: Rs 295,082,100
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-01-2020Jacob EvansSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSU CAN'T SEE ME 59,82211,761,600 
23-01-2020Amit PatelU CAN'T SEE MEMumbai Indians 1690020 90,8668,850,000 
04-01-2020Narendra ModiRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 51,34719,850,000 
03-01-2020Amit PatelRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 98,41122,341,500 
19-03-2019Saad AhsanRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 111,75149,525,000 
07-03-2019Amaresh ParuchuriU CAN'T SEE MEAyush Marvels 126,5366,550,000 
04-03-2019Gorden MoutonU CAN'T SEE MEBGS TITANS 106,13230,500,900 
03-03-2019Leighton NgomaU CAN'T SEE MEJharkhand Warriors 2605 39,7494,190,600 
21-01-2019Sanmitra PiwaleSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSU CAN'T SEE ME 35,3729,450,000 
21-01-2019Gorden MoutonRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 104,95351,950,000 
21-01-2019Manindra SriwastavaU CAN'T SEE MESACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 56,20624,850,000 
01-09-2018Amaresh ParuchuriRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 233,28969,530,000 
01-09-2018Sobhan BhattU CAN'T SEE MESACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 55,27241,860,000 
22-08-2018Maqoma PhangisoU CAN'T SEE MEBlackie 86,31725,492,500 
13-07-2018Maqoma PhangisoRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 76,79153,982,400 
14-06-2018Debabrata BhagawatiU CAN'T SEE MEAnand Amazers 6120 79,94915,326,400 
30-06-2017Debabrata BhagawatiRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 79,94934,762,100 
15-03-2017Nidip NavalgundThe Xenathons ReturnsU CAN'T SEE ME 28,93312,500,000 
22-02-2017Saharsh RaghavanU CAN'T SEE MEJamshedpur Super Kings 118,04815,300,000 
15-12-2016Leighton NgomaRAINA'S RENJERSU CAN'T SEE ME 11,01185,000 
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