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Transfer History

Players bought: 181
Players sold: 240
Total purchases: Rs 1,605,352,089
Total sales: Rs 1,666,819,200
Displaying 161-180 of 421 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-07-2016Mudil DernbachThe Sons Of Pitches XISheer kI Gufa 35,9432,448,000 
27-07-2016Firdaus SalahuddinThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 19,6353,890,000 
07-06-2016Madhusudan SaxenaThe Sons Of Pitches XIRudra Stars 18,9724,702,700 
02-06-2016Shreyas SethiThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 10,816870,000 
26-05-2016Frederick WrightThe Sons Of Pitches XIHYDERAABAD BLASTERS 16,2664,141,200 
17-05-2016Firdaus Salahuddinaditya11rulezzzzThe Sons Of Pitches XI 19,6352,044,600 
14-05-2016Mudil DernbachSHEIKS XIThe Sons Of Pitches XI 39,7121,500,000 
14-05-2016Arjun KhandelwalRED TIGERS 3027The Sons Of Pitches XI 43,6481,500,000 
14-05-2016Henrichs ChakabvaRSA GrenadesThe Sons Of Pitches XI 39,158757,800 
14-05-2016Ian RampaulKhalida XIThe Sons Of Pitches XI 37,6911,149,000 
06-05-2016Madhusudan SaxenaJabalpur PanthersThe Sons Of Pitches XI 15,216736,200 
26-04-2016Saurabh ToijamThe Sons Of Pitches XIBlazing EagleZ 20,50410,556,300 
24-04-2016Frederick WrightNandi SlingersThe Sons Of Pitches XI 15,309832,400 
14-04-2016Mbonisi FourieThe Sons Of Pitches XIvetri nichayam 44,37118,000,000 
14-04-2016Anuj PatelThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 13,1811,550,000 
31-03-2016Fakhruddin AhmedThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 13,8571,380,000 
28-03-2016Ruchir GuwalaniThe Master Blaster'sThe Sons Of Pitches XI 197,87881,347,000 
28-03-2016Bhupen BuragohainThe Sons Of Pitches XIKing Bob xi 17,2845,202,000 
25-03-2016Daamodar RagampudiThe Sons Of Pitches XIMumbai warriors CC 31,5776,184,800 
25-03-2016Arush MominIndian RangerThe Sons Of Pitches XI 8,00811,700 
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