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Transfer History

Players bought: 181
Players sold: 240
Total purchases: Rs 1,605,352,089
Total sales: Rs 1,666,819,200
Displaying 141-160 of 421 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-12-2016Meyrick PeglarThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 105,14616,000,000 
09-12-2016Austin InwoodThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 19,7493,900,000 
07-12-2016Aniruddh KapurThe Sons Of Pitches XIZaalim Lotion 37,81613,260,000 
29-11-2016Ankit LukramThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 18,10210,400,000 
09-11-2016Yunis HussainThe Sons Of Pitches XISR Star 20,99912,240,000 
09-11-2016Chandra JoshiThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 17,2256,000,000 
08-11-2016Austin InwoodRajpaulThe Sons Of Pitches XI 18,868450,000 
08-11-2016Faradur Aliscube knight ridersThe Sons Of Pitches XI 14,685456,789 
08-11-2016Kazandu DonaldDeactivated teamThe Sons Of Pitches XI 17,070400,000 
06-11-2016Saurav VamshiLighting ThundersThe Sons Of Pitches XI 17,128550,000 
19-10-2016Shaan GoyalThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 18,3056,000,000 
01-10-2016Chandra Joshievolution520The Sons Of Pitches XI 15,594100,000 
01-10-2016Prakash NagireddyThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 17,2105,000,000 
27-09-2016Vaibhav Bhardwaj jnrThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 14,5975,000,000 
31-07-2016Nitish BharukaThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 49,9348,900,000 
29-07-2016Meyrick PeglarVenKi KutTiThe Sons Of Pitches XI 110,66341,000,000 
27-07-2016Niket AggarwalThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 15,6153,000,000 
27-07-2016Henrichs ChakabvaThe Sons Of Pitches XISPARTANS 82 37,1422,203,200 
27-07-2016Ian RampaulThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 36,0862,150,000 
27-07-2016Arjun KhandelwalThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 41,7482,400,000 
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