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Transfer History

Players bought: 181
Players sold: 240
Total purchases: Rs 1,605,352,089
Total sales: Rs 1,666,819,200
Displaying 61-80 of 421 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-07-2017Nirav VermaThe Sons Of Pitches XIkhilgaon blaster 14,9621,020,000 
23-07-2017Azhar DaulatBorai KingsThe Sons Of Pitches XI 15,1451,078,400 
22-07-2017Andy ThompsonPAKISTAN SHAHEENS'The Sons Of Pitches XI 14,0291,428,000 
11-07-2017Jacob WestonCk11 Cricket TeamThe Sons Of Pitches XI 17,3521,250,000 
10-07-2017Rajan GopinaathThe Sons Of Pitches XIMultan Sultan 2793 22,1122,318,700 
19-06-2017Arvindra ChaturvediThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 14,1431,240,000 
19-06-2017Pubudu BuddhikaThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 19,4885,300,000 
19-06-2017Leon WilloughbyThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 21,3914,120,000 
19-06-2017Deepak JainThe Sons Of Pitches XIVIRTUAL CRICKETERS 19,96215,300,000 
19-06-2017Tom PerryThe Sons Of Pitches XIBERKSHIRE ROYALS 21,2854,000,000 
19-06-2017Michael JarmanThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 17,4033,790,000 
16-06-2017Faradur AliThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 16,2374,500,000 
16-06-2017Abdullah Ashrafmighty batsThe Sons Of Pitches XI 80,28435,700,000 
01-06-2017Gagan LohiaThe Sons Of Pitches XIBatra boy's 19,5493,329,300 
25-05-2017Ankit LukramThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 18,1025,600,000 
25-05-2017Earl MbeluThe Sons Of Pitches XIMahesh laibhari 16,4392,346,000 
25-05-2017Daniel FishbourneThe Sons Of Pitches XIArpit Amazer 19,873357,000 
25-05-2017Badar IlderimThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 15,1391,900,000 
25-05-2017Sunil VengsarkarThe Sons Of Pitches XISpartans 9695 17,5573,564,100 
22-05-2017Earl MbeluDeactivated teamThe Sons Of Pitches XI 16,439818,100 
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