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Transfer History

Players bought: 181
Players sold: 240
Total purchases: Rs 1,605,352,089
Total sales: Rs 1,666,819,200
Displaying 21-40 of 421 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-02-2018Sampat Sihagbhubaneswar bravesThe Sons Of Pitches XI 109,71992,675,100 
24-02-2018Vinod KumarKohli Challengers DavanagereThe Sons Of Pitches XI 127,527110,000,000 
24-02-2018Jagadish SahuKr KingmakersThe Sons Of Pitches XI 112,58487,355,100 
21-02-2018Daiwik GoelSwinging StrickersThe Sons Of Pitches XI 110,97182,552,200 
09-02-2018Dinanath LenkaThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 19,9883,300,000 
31-01-2018Sontosh DasThe Sons Of Pitches XIPunjab Lions 2621 18,6133,434,100 
30-01-2018Jacob WestonThe Sons Of Pitches XIAbraham Attackers 17,3522,393,200 
28-01-2018Chandranath PujariThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 23,1803,200,000 
16-01-2018Nathan GilchristThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 83,39362,000,000 
12-01-2018Mahender VasireddyThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 78,27157,600,000 
10-01-2018Anshuman KatiyarThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 17,0182,700,000 
09-01-2018Simon WadsworthThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 85,78061,500,000 
23-12-2017Charles VettorilionzsThe Sons Of Pitches XI 24,1961,761,100 
23-12-2017Austen BrockwellDeactivated teamThe Sons Of Pitches XI 24,3212,000,000 
23-12-2017Namjot SandhuDark Horses XIVThe Sons Of Pitches XI 20,4161,746,600 
22-12-2017Reza ZakiThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 9,628720,000 
17-12-2017Prabhat AlokeThe Sons Of Pitches XIFIGHT FOR VICTORY 21,0802,781,000 
12-12-2017Kshemaraja GoelThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 7,7814,500,000 
10-12-2017Sadagopan AiyerThe Sons Of Pitches XIhellz XI 62,03811,139,500 
07-12-2017Sunil NarineFreaks And GeeksThe Sons Of Pitches XI 76,97330,235,700 
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