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Transfer History

Players bought: 181
Players sold: 240
Total purchases: Rs 1,605,352,089
Total sales: Rs 1,666,819,200
Displaying 1-20 of 421 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-05-2018Prasanta DaleiThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 76,86942,000,000 
07-05-2018Ajitaab AnumoluThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 31,77314,700,000 
01-05-2018Tapas PalattyDivine WarriorsThe Sons Of Pitches XI 113,44780,000,000 
29-04-2018Geetanshu NehraThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 38,16321,240,000 
29-04-2018Dhruv RangarajuThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 15,9272,745,000 
24-04-2018Shivam SinghThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 8,760630,000 
08-04-2018Aadhunik ParidaThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 17,4661,360,000 
02-04-2018Charles VettoriThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 36,12414,775,000 
30-03-2018Madhusudan BhardwajThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 31,7207,980,000 
14-03-2018Namjot SandhuThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 35,36616,200,000 
14-03-2018Kamran SaiKumarThe Sons Of Pitches XIImperial Fighters 50,3608,549,000 
13-03-2018Reza TarakaiDeepu Droopers 9295The Sons Of Pitches XI 27,3542,890,000 
07-03-2018Ajitaab AnumoluRamit LahoriyeThe Sons Of Pitches XI 22,5261,500,000 
27-02-2018Abdullah AshrafThe Sons Of Pitches XINobita Nibblers 80,28435,700,000 
27-02-2018Junior ForrestThe Sons Of Pitches XIKarachi fearless 115,37164,272,000 
27-02-2018Bashir KardarThe Sons Of Pitches XISajun's XI 79,39638,625,000 
27-02-2018Austen BrockwellThe Sons Of Pitches XIMarvels's Army XI 37,45815,000,000 
26-02-2018Nasir KakazaiThe Sons Of Pitches XIHouse Tully 112,01159,000,000 
25-02-2018Udham GoyalThe Sons Of Pitches XIKarthik Kings 2202 17,8493,164,100 
25-02-2018Geetanshu NehraLakkhi S LegendsThe Sons Of Pitches XI 26,2403,310,000 
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