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Transfer History

Players bought: 211
Players sold: 288
Total purchases: Rs 4,173,271,048
Total sales: Rs 4,600,341,315
Displaying 141-160 of 498 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-03-2018Somesh HalwanLNMC2006The Great One' 133,90432,583,200 
06-03-2018Glenn ThomasThe Great One'Universal Champs 125,98150,000,000 
05-03-2018Saeed NajamThe Great One'Kargil 36,9222,253,800 
05-03-2018Dhanshree ParamshettiThe Great One'Black Caps Champions XV 30,0871,720,700 
04-03-2018Travis GibbThe Great One'Royal Challengers Indian XI 20,9172,813,900 
03-03-2018Saeed NajamSOKAL'S WARRIORThe Great One' 36,922721,000 
03-03-2018Pranav LakhotiaShweta SlidersThe Great One' 3,54370,000 
03-03-2018Pravin WaliNaresh Ninjas 8008The Great One' 1,53450,000 
03-03-2018Sathya VivekSMS DEXTEROUS'The Great One' 15,974154,500 
03-03-2018Naveen BaroovaBold SprintersThe Great One' 1,19810,300 
03-03-2018Prafulla BordoloiBold SprintersThe Great One' 1,89830,000 
03-03-2018Shashvat OswalNetik NetsettersThe Great One' 1,67210,300 
03-03-2018Bradley JarmanThe Great One'Saurabh Slambangers 8941 31,7865,500,000 
03-03-2018Pranjal MehtaThe Great One'varmaknightriders 43,4662,477,400 
03-03-2018Dhanshree ParamshettiDeactivated teamThe Great One' 30,087263,700 
03-03-2018Neeraj NagwaniDeactivated teamThe Great One' 3,01845,000 
02-03-2018Virender JayakumarThe Great One'Assam Rhinos 5801 42,7486,800,000 
27-02-2018Virender JayakumarLonely FighterThe Great One' 42,7485,548,900 
25-02-2018Pranjal MehtaMunna Megatrons 2516The Great One' 44,1862,045,700 
24-02-2018Bradley JarmanAuckland FalconsThe Great One' 31,7864,153,100 
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