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Transfer History

Players bought: 211
Players sold: 288
Total purchases: Rs 4,173,271,048
Total sales: Rs 4,600,341,315
Displaying 61-80 of 498 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
19-09-2018Damien MaddocksImmortals AligarianThe Great One' 139,598106,953,100 
18-09-2018Albert EinsteinDeccan BlastersThe Great One' 201,70799,201,100 
18-09-2018Roger HoggThe Great One'Pavan Prema 10,6954,635,000 
18-09-2018Steve NewtonThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 25,6092,300,000 
17-09-2018Abisheik RajGryffindor EliteThe Great One' 174,490139,000,000 
17-09-2018Chandramauli SaxenaTEAM NADEEMThe Great One' 364,756250,000,000 
17-09-2018Colin PhilanderKolkata NinjasThe Great One' 345,270189,509,200 
17-09-2018Osman BhattaBarbecued SnagsThe Great One' 324,343234,877,100 
17-09-2018Shah HafeezKhan boys jnrThe Great One' 235,581117,436,800 
17-09-2018Shahid HaqueKhan boys jnrThe Great One' 264,219126,308,900 
17-09-2018Vishal DravidEzhini Mang LifeThe Great One' 7,167100,000 
17-09-2018Hemanga DasIndian King's777The Great One' 3,00545,000 
17-09-2018Vasant SuryaIndian King's777The Great One' 1,42725,000 
17-09-2018Piyush NasirSaeed UlhaqThe Great One' 3,72830,000 
17-09-2018Firdos RazaSaeed UlhaqThe Great One' 2,98510,000 
17-09-2018Yunus JawandaSaeed UlhaqThe Great One' 3,08410,000 
17-09-2018Faisal UmarSaeed UlhaqThe Great One' 3,32450,000 
17-09-2018Niaz YousufSaeed UlhaqThe Great One' 5,31940,000 
17-09-2018Zulfiqar DareshakLahore Tigers 8917The Great One' 58550,000 
17-09-2018Arnav KohliNavdeep ZonersThe Great One' 8,375216,300 
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