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Transfer History

Players bought: 211
Players sold: 288
Total purchases: Rs 4,173,271,048
Total sales: Rs 4,600,341,315
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-12-2015Jimmy SandersThe Great One'Wave Riderzzzz 4,81310,000 
07-12-2015Jack DavidsonThe Great One'Giddyup 19,1422,580,800 
05-12-2015Navin AgreSanDY BreAkeRSThe Great One' 21,6408,500,000 
03-12-2015Gopinath VermaRoorkee BullsThe Great One' 10,886400,000 
01-12-2015Joseph CarpenterSmRt SiD FCThe Great One' 7,582150,000 
01-12-2015Shokat ElahiNAAYAKThe Great One' 10,29211,700 
01-12-2015Gilbert WadeRSDiansThe Great One' 12,57050,000 
01-12-2015Damien GilmoreDeactivated teamThe Great One' 7,572100,000 
01-12-2015Ishtaq Chechikarachi dominatorsThe Great One' 1,89745,000 
01-12-2015Faiz Jalbanikarachi dominatorsThe Great One' 3,09945,000 
01-12-2015SaiPrasad AiyerBORN TO FIGHT X1The Great One' 11,735100,000 
01-12-2015Vishnu Gupta11 VAGABONDSThe Great One' 18,6682,100,000 
01-12-2015Prateek MudaliarUnsung Heroes XIThe Great One' 28,2483,000,000 
01-12-2015Shalin AsaanSyam's XIThe Great One' 14,0823,000,000 
30-11-2015Adler Goswaminaveen wariorsThe Great One' 18,9575,150,000 
29-11-2015Thomas Vaughanneoz 11The Great One' 28,7514,400,000 
29-11-2015Suchit BaskaranSynergyThe Great One' 16,7211,040,400 
29-11-2015Asker KaluwitharanaFlaming DragonsThe Great One' 15,9092,150,000