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Transfer History

Players bought: 211
Players sold: 288
Total purchases: Rs 4,173,271,048
Total sales: Rs 4,600,341,315
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-03-2016Rishab TalwarSuper Strikers 5608The Great One' 24,69590,000 
30-03-2016Joydeep BendigeriCB's Royal XIThe Great One' 26,9621,000,000 
30-03-2016Robert BaddeleyThe Great One'Blazing EagleZ 12,7111,479,000 
29-03-2016Nilesh LeleThe Great One'Deactivated team 34,175600,000 
28-03-2016Kedar KhotKnights of PuneThe Great One' 59,7299,000,000 
27-03-2016Nilesh LeleRoar of BengalThe Great One' 25,949200,000 
26-03-2016Tino ZhuwaoThe Great One'Phoenix Knight Furiers 27 22,4054,416,400 
26-03-2016Merv BaddeleyThe Great One'Biswajit Hunters 25,7594,504,800 
25-03-2016Ajay PenugondaThe Great One'ChEnNaI SiXeR kInG 11,400750,000 
24-03-2016Irfan AhmedThe Great One'Young Buzz 14,4851,265,300 
24-03-2016Jayarupan ShanmugamDemolition BoyzThe Great One' 28,9349,000,000 
23-03-2016Muhammad AnsariThe Great One'YAM DASHERS 12,8782,412,500 
23-03-2016Hashim FitzpatrickThe Great One'Axe yuh mudda 19,7291,250,000 
23-03-2016Madison LangerThe Great One'Jayfie 42,9573,500,000 
23-03-2016Vishnu GuptaThe Great One'Tezpur Thunderstorm 32,8292,914,600 
22-03-2016Thiyakeshan ThiaglingamElite StrikersThe Great One' 19,1894,500,000 
21-03-2016Tino ZhuwaoKARAPUZHA KUTHARAAZZThe Great One' 19,8272,578,500 
21-03-2016Brett AbrahamsThe Great One'Raging Rhinos 16,4701,061,300 
21-03-2016Ben HusseyThe Great One'Anikhussain Aviators 14,6821,173,000 
21-03-2016Braxton SalmonThe Great One'Sir Aravind Killers 20,3041,346,600