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Transfer History

Players bought: 211
Players sold: 288
Total purchases: Rs 4,173,271,048
Total sales: Rs 4,600,341,315
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-08-2016Ikram ChanakaDeactivated teamThe Great One' 23,726765,000 
18-08-2016Rishab ChingangbamBANGALORE LIONSThe Great One' 29,1251,530,000 
17-08-2016Jacob WainscottThe Great One'World Class Warriors 21,8492,500,000 
16-08-2016Roger SymondsDeactivated teamThe Great One' 27,2143,060,000 
14-08-2016Hugh LaurensThe Great One'Romeenz Roosters 39,3187,140,000 
11-08-2016Hugh LaurensDeactivated teamThe Great One' 29,2972,283,400 
10-08-2016Graham WainscottThe Great One'Conquerorz 22,96610,756,300 
10-08-2016Desmond SteadmanHISTORY CREATORThe Great One' 22,3051,314,500 
10-08-2016Yunis QadirShoshank XIThe Great One' 40,68125,000,000 
09-08-2016Stephen TilleyThe Great One'Joker's Cricket Maniacs 38,1204,000,000 
08-08-2016Adan SaxenaThe Queen of SixesThe Great One' 39,11041,616,000 
07-08-2016Kollikonda SrinivasanThe Great One'Virat Vamsi 62,7827,854,000 
07-08-2016Tamim KhanDeactivated teamThe Great One' 38,97420,000,000 
06-08-2016Ramesh GangatharanThe Great One'Alpha Soldiers XI 79,24860,950,000 
06-08-2016Jacob WrightThe Great One'Orange Army 3154 21,1313,000,000 
04-08-2016Adeep DundurSALU STRIKERZThe Great One' 41,61035,150,200 
04-08-2016Aharsi AroraThe Great One'Aman Dravidians 22,2468,000,000 
03-08-2016Moin AkhtarHartford HittersThe Great One' 58,61046,436,500 
03-08-2016Richard WoolmerThe Great One'M S Dreamers 20,5483,321,000 
02-08-2016Janakan KanagalinghamThe Great One'The Ch Club 72,93540,000,000