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Transfer History

Players bought: 211
Players sold: 288
Total purchases: Rs 4,173,271,048
Total sales: Rs 4,600,341,315
Displaying 261-280 of 498 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-12-2016Bipin JainThe Great One'Deactivated team 25,0896,242,400 
28-12-2016Deighton AustinThe Great One'SSM11 60,86616,236,600 
14-12-2016Vansh RoopchandkaRajJaat 11The Great One' 49,66326,010,000 
13-12-2016Patrick WallsThe Great One'Vizag Guns 21,0961,071,200 
11-12-2016Debiprasad PanditThe Great One'Adamya Blasters 31,9398,854,500 
11-12-2016Prasun SachinThe Great One'neal basters 36,15113,210,000 
29-10-2016William LavaterThe Great One'INDIAN LIONCHARGERS 23,1201,500,000 
24-10-2016Mike MealeyThe Great One'Attitude Killer 18,823105,900 
24-10-2016David Moutonroyal indian mexxThe Great One' 42,64410,135,700 
22-10-2016Aruna AravindaThe Great One'THE FIRE 351858 31,4673,330,000 
21-10-2016Sanjaya RanatungaThe Great One'madras machans 37,9155,002,100 
15-10-2016Sanjaya RanatungaCR REDSThe Great One' 29,6515,100,000 
15-10-2016Aruna AravindaDeactivated teamThe Great One' 24,0941,061,300 
13-10-2016Debiprasad PanditHISTORY CREATORThe Great One' 29,77510,000,000 
11-10-2016Boman NewtonThe Great One'Tenkasi Rockers 16,4631,750,000 
09-10-2016Deighton AustinGorkha Warriors XIThe Great One' 36,7115,058,500 
09-10-2016Byam WardillThe Great One'Imperil Xi 20,5682,080,800 
09-10-2016Bhagya SachiniThe Great One'Rishav1103 116,67317,381,800 
07-10-2016Sandeep Sharma14August1947The Great One' 46,36628,560,000 
05-10-2016Tamim KhanThe Great One'Kular Kings XI 49,93920,155,700 
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