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Transfer History

Players bought: 91
Players sold: 71
Total purchases: Rs 780,078,423
Total sales: Rs 900,813,900
Displaying 1-20 of 162 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-02-2020Yashwanth DhingraMaGiCaL MoNsTeRsachin bunny 272,432163,000,000 
01-12-2019Sulaiman Neavessachin bunnyDeactivated team 453,59265,499,600 
15-07-2019Sulaiman NeavesMaGiCaL MoNsTeRsachin bunny 572,132137,000,000 
22-04-2019Abhay Akhamsachin bunnyThundering Titans 104,73872,000,000 
19-04-2019Gerald Doullsachin bunnyThundering Titans 361,599106,000,000 
14-03-2019Gerald DoullNellore cricket clubsachin bunny 421,266171,000,323 
03-03-2019Nathan Warrensachin bunnyJames007 118,76245,000,000 
28-02-2019Balavant Nandasachin bunnyGaruda Phoenix 99,95525,000,000 
28-02-2019Paritosh Agarwalsachin bunnyThe Only One 112,34945,000,000 
10-09-2018Naga Aakarshsachin bunnySuper Sainis 42,20116,410,000 
03-09-2018Abhay AkhamKING OF KINGS 1sachin bunny 65,75429,760,000 
02-09-2018Balavant NandaAditya Anacondas 3168sachin bunny 80,32510,000,000 
29-08-2018Paritosh Agarwal27March1996sachin bunny 96,72642,436,000 
19-08-2018Lucio Aggarwalsachin bunnyJJ SUPER KINGS 2 25,609740,000 
12-08-2018Andrew MedcalfAimim 11sachin bunny 63,40014,735,000 
12-08-2018Kiran KohliB L A C K C A P Ssachin bunny 46,7448,000,000 
12-08-2018Kiran Bhagatmathagal vsc kingsachin bunny 60,38215,710,000 
11-08-2018Naga AakarshVIDHARBHA XIsachin bunny 39,54512,910,000 
11-08-2018Nathan WarrenDark Digglerssachin bunny 92,52835,740,000 
10-08-2018Abheek Goudarsachin bunnyAbhi Challengers 3622 66,4299,971,800 
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