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Transfer History

Players bought: 301
Players sold: 271
Total purchases: Rs 3,205,864,176
Total sales: Rs 3,239,138,680
Displaying 1-20 of 561 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-02-2020Moin HossainDestructive IndiansRK Champs 243,35962,894,300 
27-01-2020Frank GallopRK ChampsBrendon Blasters 176,43529,550,000 
26-01-2020Evan RamaorayrangarajapandaRK Champs 128,37936,501,200 
25-01-2020Jacob WalkerRK ChampsSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 123,30274,904,200 
11-01-2020Graham AckermannBongo's BeamersRK Champs 146,36853,045,000 
11-01-2020Sachin UllalRK ChampsHopeless Freakz 52,35619,998,000 
10-01-2020Tanuj SensharmaBhargav BlastersRK Champs 47,36219,845,600 
10-01-2020Divesh MinhasEPIC XIRK Champs 269,43232,016,000 
07-01-2020Shahid KhanRK ChampsBreak The Shackles 83,64939,850,000 
05-01-2020Abhinav SamalaAbbas worriersRK Champs 230,51488,112,900 
04-01-2020Narendra ModiRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 51,34719,850,000 
03-01-2020Dayaanidhi KumarRK ChampsSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 138,05733,596,600 
03-01-2020Jagmohan BaalanRK ChampsNow or Never 123,34121,027,100 
03-01-2020Graham CarltonRK ChampsBrendon Blasters 80,13626,363,400 
03-01-2020Amit PatelRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 98,41122,341,500 
19-03-2019Din AliFiErY PhOeNiXRK Champs 109,54563,338,800 
19-03-2019Saad AhsanRK ChampsU CAN'T SEE ME 111,75149,525,000 
15-03-2019Ivor JordanRK ChampsIncredible India 5490 31,81014,950,000 
11-03-2019Jess Ronchieleven friendsRK Champs 105,60542,436,000 
10-03-2019Chintan KhawlhringAVS KnightsRK Champs 153,30752,921,400 
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