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Transfer History

Players bought: 64
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 474,834,056
Total sales: Rs 432,461,910
Displaying 1-20 of 144 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-12-2017James GillespieMegatrons 156Ace Of Kings 27,2039,000,000 
09-11-2017Sankalp DoshiTHE ROYAL SHARKSAce Of Kings 125,45360,000,000 
04-11-2017Tyrell BeeteAce Of KingsSinghbhum Ninjas 159,69648,142,200 
11-05-2017Gordon BadgerAce Of KingsForty Freaks 17,2482,560,600 
11-05-2017Chaka NjieAce Of KingsSouthern Strikers 25,519901,200 
11-05-2017Blessing MpofuAce Of KingsMuzzammil Monsters 20,563510,000 
11-05-2017Mitchell SiddonsAce Of KingsVersatileXI 45,76415,000,000 
08-05-2017Amantha DinithiDeactivated teamAce Of Kings 91,07171,400,000 
14-04-2017Barney SmithBastilleAce Of Kings 49,15436,764,999 
30-03-2017Zane ZoxAce Of KingsWayne 11 43,7966,242,400 
30-03-2017Rahman HussainAce Of KingsFavorites 35,4886,000,000 
30-03-2017Shadaf AkhtarAce Of KingsThunderX11 50,6669,000,000 
14-03-2017Harshal GuwalaniAce Of KingsNuke Rangers 140,18260,000,000 
09-12-2016Mudil SaywellAce Of KingsInvincible Warriors 5346 19,599700,200 
29-11-2016Fitzroy PorcarGangster SquadAce Of Kings 46,1248,095,500 
21-11-2016Ian RandallAce Of KingsRussell Viper 68,18139,000,000 
18-11-2016Mitchell SiddonsExtreme FighterAce Of Kings 16,3671,495,800 
18-11-2016Lasit JohnTICC PvlAce Of Kings 20,6402,000,000 
15-09-2016Aziz IslamAce Of Kingspiffjes 21,3321,061,300 
15-09-2016Viswanathan SivabalanAce Of KingsJayanth Jolts 20,138500,000 
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