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Transfer History

Players bought: 38
Players sold: 52
Total purchases: Rs 311,258,500
Total sales: Rs 514,185,300
Displaying 41-60 of 90 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-12-2016Shishul ShillingfordLegends are BackChennaiyinCC 32,65513,525,200 
04-12-2016Sifiye ClaireLegends are BackZihan Supergiants 33,24922,000,000 
13-10-2016Sifiye ClaireAmit XI TeamLegends are Back 33,24924,605,200 
08-10-2016Shishul ShillingfordKarachi UnitedLegends are Back 31,19224,250,700 
04-10-2016Nathan GamsyAmit XI TeamLegends are Back 31,17833,785,100 
24-09-2016Nathan AbrahamsLegends are BackAssKickers X1 18,96753,000 
24-09-2016Abanindranath SaxenaLegends are BackKnow Me XI 32,7816,543,000 
22-09-2016Tim LaughlinLegends are BackPatel Power 33,20710,243,100 
21-09-2016Akalsharan MalhotraUnsung Heroes XILegends are Back 24,6826,500,000 
21-09-2016Tarun NairJedi KnightsLegends are Back 18,9791,460,000 
21-09-2016Cameron AdairLegends are BackDeactivated team 26,7227,500,000 
21-09-2016Yunus HassanLegends are BackSoldier Of Sylhet 43,74320,316,900 
21-09-2016Andrew BichelLegends are BackDeactivated team 57,42122,731,200 
21-09-2016Braxton LewisLegends are BackDipu Rockstarz XI 28,9567,043,600 
21-09-2016Nathan HerbertLegends are BackHunting cup 45,36618,044,400 
21-09-2016Gautam BiranjanKolkata Eleven TeamLegends are Back 15,1441,000,000 
18-09-2016Ryan ParkerJamaican StarsLegends are Back 24,5265,000,000 
18-09-2016Sajaad AmilaTiger xi 8153Legends are Back 15,7423,000,000 
18-09-2016Shailesh KrishnaSahas XILegends are Back 20,8171,500,000 
11-08-2016Vernon MorkelDynamic WorriorsLegends are Back 27,88712,989,200 
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