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Transfer History

Players bought: 33
Players sold: 48
Total purchases: Rs 271,928,500
Total sales: Rs 348,185,300
Displaying 1-20 of 81 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-09-2019Somal LakhotiaLegends are BackPervezzi 128,04160,000,000 
07-09-2019Harinarayan BarbhuyanLegends are BackSai Kiran 16,4362,000,000 
28-08-2019Avilash DuttaLegends are BackAnuradha Goel 22,03913,000,000 
26-06-2019Abhay SiddhantKing mumbai dattaLegends are Back 1,63810,000 
06-06-2019Edward ParnellLegends are BackDabbang 11 14,6186,556,400 
11-04-2019Tarun NairLegends are BackLindeque Blazers 1427 42,5181,464,100 
06-04-2019Sajaad AmilaLegends are BackGlobal Ghostriders 39,2712,936,300 
06-04-2019Cooper HarryLegends are BackD Controllers 27,074500,000 
04-04-2019Shailesh KrishnaLegends are BackTamil Thunders 1182 44,9312,339,400 
04-04-2019Nathan RiggLegends are BackHasta la vista baby 35,2692,020,000 
03-04-2019Vernon MorkelLegends are BackPakigang 30,5753,070,000 
02-04-2019Avanish KrishnanGo GreenLegends are Back 12,4447,666,000 
02-04-2019Trevor ClancyBlazing ThundersLegends are Back 13,0967,725,000 
01-04-2019Amal NandaRowdy RathoresLegends are Back 11,7043,928,200 
31-03-2019Ryan ParkerLegends are BackJetani Dangers 11 57,6534,179,400 
31-03-2019Gautam BiranjanLegends are BackCrickcrackers 37,7892,075,000 
31-03-2019Abhik KhoundLegends are BackRaj The King S 6428 58,6753,382,200 
28-03-2019Ajay MahajanAshleel LaundeLegends are Back 13,64921,112,900 
25-03-2019Chandrakumar KotokiIdiotic RascalsLegends are Back 13,7198,487,200 
23-03-2019Adan AgarwalGurdeep Ghosthunters 3333Legends are Back 12,56011,406,700 
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