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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 105
Total purchases: Rs 371,351,400
Total sales: Rs 348,228,527
Displaying 101-120 of 139 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-07-2015Anupam KumarThe Indian BlastersMumbai Indianworks 17,6891,836,000 
03-07-2015Biswajit KumarThe Indian Blastersspit fire XI 13,015990,000 
30-06-2015Javed JanjuarajputGothic channelThe Indian Blasters 16,621510,000 
12-06-2015Ram PillaiThe Indian BlastersHulk XI 16,3833,000,000 
12-06-2015Bernardo RatosThe Indian BlastersThe Dumbledore's Army 10,9471,000,000 
29-05-2015Mick DarrellThe Indian BlastersKings 11 Bangalore 21,081750,000 
29-05-2015Siddhant JainThe Indian BlastersROONITED 4,66050,000 
28-05-2015Daanish KhandelwalThe Indian BlastersDeactivated team 16,82350,000 
27-05-2015Mduduzi LuipaThe Indian Blasterssaicharan power 11,592120,700 
26-05-2015Jishnu JoshiPunjab strikersThe Indian Blasters 21,4592,080,800 
26-05-2015George CarmichaelDeactivated teamThe Indian Blasters 12,3372,080,800 
07-05-2015Sachin KhandelwalThe Indian BlastersMau XI 13,943250,000 
23-03-2015Maroof HassanThe Indian BlastersAWCC 30,593605,000 
08-03-2015Nishant NalluruThe Indian BlastersBhagath Singh 22,505306,000 
02-03-2015Gobardhan MahlotraFerocious ChakriThe Indian Blasters 21,1311,760,000 
01-03-2015Anand BaruaThe Indian Blastersbombay bang bang11 8,232456,000 
02-02-2015Bibhas SaxenaThe Indian BlastersDeactivated team 10,5192,000,000 
30-01-2015Anoop RathoreThe Indian BlastersBest TEAm OF LEAGUE 7,708600,000 
18-12-2014Amit RayThe Indian BlastersRajasthani Rajwade 8,656850,000 
11-12-2014Paul JacobThe Indian BlastersVed warriors 9,27675,000 
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