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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 105
Total purchases: Rs 371,351,400
Total sales: Rs 348,228,527
Displaying 81-100 of 139 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-06-2016Sumit KapoorThe Indian BlastersThe Great One' 34,7492,438,400 
26-05-2016Sahas PatelThe Indian BlastersMegatron's XI 29,1152,500,000 
26-05-2016Gobardhan MahlotraThe Indian BlastersDeactivated team 41,3997,000,000 
26-05-2016Shahnawaz TahirkheliThe Indian BlastersDhoniXI Team 68,72012,750,000 
23-05-2016Guy AdamsBlazing Phoenix'The Indian Blasters 48,19331,706,600 
08-05-2016Tharun AtluriThe Indian Blasterssukumar xi 1111 18,8963,932,800 
19-03-2016Baalaji TamilmaranThe Indian BlastersChennai Crackerz 30,9393,000,000 
08-02-2016Muhammad Hamadaniusman adilThe Indian Blasters 22,90813,727,000 
10-01-2016Rizwan NasarThe Indian Blasterskohatian knights 24,1146,359,400 
14-12-2015William WallaceThe Indian Blastersall Is Well 341620 12,0263,038,000 
14-12-2015Ryan CalataThe Indian BlastersGujarkhan 11 16,6001,635,300 
14-12-2015Richard AthertonThe Indian BlastersKINGSS 21,1342,333,800 
24-09-2015Sultan SiddiqThe Indian BlastersMIGHTY MIDGETS XI 21,0143,143,100 
23-08-2015Aditya LaishangbamNEW YORK JETSThe Indian Blasters 29,6349,180,000 
22-08-2015Manas Mondal jnrThe Indian BlastersMykas3 15,1471,040,400 
21-08-2015Stevie CarmodyThe Indian Blastersvijaygop 12,4611,700,000 
20-08-2015Aroop ChaterjeeThe Indian BlastersRunMachines11 15,9242,500,000 
20-08-2015Muhammed QadirThe Indian Blasterswalled city Lion 7,656800,000 
13-08-2015Hamid MalikThe Indian BlastersThe Phoenix CC 15,4701,376,000 
26-07-2015George CarmichaelThe Indian BlastersBack to Helll 16,2701,500,000 
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