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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 105
Total purchases: Rs 371,351,400
Total sales: Rs 348,228,527
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-01-2017Clarence NortonThe Indian BlastersNagireddy Gudem XI 64,0664,161,600 
11-01-2017Lasith FernandoThe Indian BlastersTHE KING OF CEYLON 18,2583,000,000 
06-12-2016Osman NawazThe Indian BlastersCHT Jumma land 40,4064,000,000 
06-11-2016Kepler McLarenThe Indian BlastersSynchronizers 18,7222,544,000 
06-11-2016Sameer KambojThe Indian BlastersDeactivated team 19,2512,000,000 
06-11-2016Chandrak DuttaThe Indian Blasters27March1996 9,672500,000 
06-11-2016Johann GaywoodThe Indian BlastersAbhi Aces 23,140510,000 
27-09-2016Abhinav AnanduThe Indian BlastersAmmAr RiderzZZ 30,2685,202,000 
24-09-2016Shoiab MirwaniDeactivated teamThe Indian Blasters 39,87716,236,600 
13-09-2016Yunus ElahiThe Indian BlastersBattleStar Galactica 21,4346,000,000 
12-09-2016Kepler SinclairThe Indian BlastersDeactivated team 23,8411,000,000 
12-09-2016Cooper HoggThe Indian BlastersKiller Zone 17,6312,500,000 
10-09-2016Norman WainePunter's StrikerzzzThe Indian Blasters 146,11432,000,000 
23-07-2016Jishnu JoshiThe Indian BlastersKingfishersarat 41,1724,161,600 
23-07-2016Isa KardarThe Indian BlastersSoumitra 11 36,27613,628,800 
13-07-2016Doug BaddeleyThe Indian BlastersAshutosh Blasters 16,2492,040,000 
03-07-2016Devarsi KhandelwalThe Indian BlastersSrk Sharks 36,4944,000,000 
01-07-2016Sachin GoelThe Indian BlastersTHE GREAT JAT 37,0337,000,000 
01-07-2016Rishvanjas SparendamDeactivated teamThe Indian Blasters 47,51825,500,000 
30-06-2016Everton GreyK C TThe Indian Blasters 53,35022,384,300 
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