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Transfer History

Players bought: 366
Players sold: 378
Total purchases: Rs 4,800,404,321
Total sales: Rs 5,483,512,944
Displaying 1-20 of 739 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-09-2020Chandramauli HawthaiWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERSomerset County 52,41027,550,000 
19-09-2020Tahir YousufVijay StarsWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 214,413200,000,000 
19-09-2020Roderick Whiterinku10011WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 152,33340,046,000 
17-09-2020Tavish BhattaWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERIjaz Forces 93,55791,000,000 
16-09-2020Mahiindersingh DhoniTrivandrum RoyalsWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 298,033210,000,000 
16-09-2020Anmol KapoorWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERIjaz Forces 58,05450,000,000 
15-09-2020Michael OldenVikas Wings 4166WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 12,25610,550,300 
15-09-2020Austin Kingeleven stunnersWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 14,08914,892,000 
15-09-2020Pat StrydomWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERIjaz Forces 67,51053,000,000 
29-08-2020Abhoy KapoorWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERSNGPL 5807 239,275206,000,000 
21-08-2020Seraphino JacquesGATZOWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 40,31414,093,300 
18-08-2020Chandramauli HawthaiSaket ScorpiosWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 46,57825,664,100 
18-08-2020Tavish BhattaMarvelous KnightsWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 75,04751,335,200 
18-08-2020Prashant GhadaiEnglish EaglesWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 12,11910,433,600 
12-08-2020David WhiteKING OF KINGS 1WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 25,19811,350,600 
03-08-2020Hardikk PandyaWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERSuperKingz 667,670173,491,900 
02-08-2020Pritul VermaWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERSNGPL 5807 13,6043,210,000 
30-07-2020Pat StrydomSCC XIWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 42,25740,000,000 
16-07-2020Pat StrydomWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERSCC XI 30,59828,110,000 
14-07-2020Ned HopesWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERSCC XI 34,30010,000,000 
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