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Transfer History

Players bought: 60
Players sold: 101
Total purchases: Rs 719,096,794
Total sales: Rs 813,893,377
Displaying 1-20 of 161 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-10-2018Antriksh AggarwalKhany786Dashing XI Cricket Club 150,14873,880,700 
28-11-2017Lucas DartnellDashing XI Cricket ClubWhite Shadow 01 125,06829,371,300 
25-11-2017Jalaj AroraDashing XI Cricket ClubHARD WORKERS 81,6727,649,100 
26-10-2017Uttamleen NandaDashing XI Cricket ClubCeylonCc 123,26140,574,700 
14-10-2017Jalaj AroraDashing RidersDashing XI Cricket Club 83,46022,145,000 
14-09-2017Coloman WeirDashing XI Cricket ClubMuzaffarpur Masters 20,8751,802,500 
10-09-2017Hugh WorthingtonDashing XI Cricket ClubAryan Lion's 20,5182,574,200 
05-09-2017Uttamleen NandaHash XI Cricket TeamDashing XI Cricket Club 123,26151,000,000 
04-09-2017Lucas Dartnellblitz kriegDashing XI Cricket Club 125,06845,618,700 
18-08-2017Ishara RanatungaDashing XI Cricket ClubHighlanders 11,743554,400 
15-08-2017Ramesh ChoudhuryDashing XI Cricket ClubAman Amazers 9608 24,9619,000,000 
12-08-2017Vinit SinglaDashing XI Cricket ClubSurendra Super Star 17,248400,000 
10-08-2017Bert ZoxDashing XI Cricket ClubRising Knights 3755 16,7401,295,600 
10-08-2017Suresh AssalarachchiDashing XI Cricket ClubAana Khan 17,7951,200,000 
09-08-2017Johan FalloonImperial FightersDashing XI Cricket Club 29,05129,676,500 
09-08-2017Ranjit AdikaramDashing XI Cricket ClubRaising Stars Srilanka 14,946530,500 
08-08-2017Stanley SealDelhi Cricket AssociationDashing XI Cricket Club 34,20323,154,000 
08-08-2017Indunil AllesDashing XI Cricket ClubNORTHERN PREDATORS 17,303692,600 
08-08-2017Deeptimoy ChakravartiDashing XI Cricket ClubALL STARS 9695 13,776713,400 
08-08-2017Kanishka AhangamaDashing XI Cricket Clubymmeatskcor 17,1191,140,600 
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