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Transfer History

Players bought: 441
Players sold: 463
Total purchases: Rs 11,430,541,088
Total sales: Rs 13,935,200,075
Displaying 81-100 of 871 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-04-2020Hashim MorkelRespect Indian ArmyYuvi Yanks 149,254143,648,400 
20-04-2020Abhinav RajanRespect Indian ArmyABHINAV STAR INDIA 35,1885,321,100 
20-04-2020Brady ArlowDilip Dreamers 804Respect Indian Army 10,50740,000 
20-04-2020Subrata MadanDilip Dreamers 804Respect Indian Army 2,34110,000 
15-04-2020Pushkar JainArmy of LegendsRespect Indian Army 189,64995,438,200 
14-04-2020Hashim MorkelRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 144,841154,478,200 
05-04-2020Suresh TuboiAvengers 8876Respect Indian Army 6,453260,000 
29-03-2020Brolly WilsonRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 290,600106,778,500 
29-03-2020Hashim MorkelRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 142,651145,866,600 
21-03-2020Ashwell TefuRespect Indian Armysoldier 63,95569,085,900 
06-03-2020Abhinav RajanRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 31,1767,029,700 
06-03-2020Gurbaaz VardeRespect Indian ArmyAFGHAN WARRIORS 56,88510,962,000 
02-03-2020Samridh RevenkarRespect Indian ArmyMSP DEVILS 162,13821,453,500 
01-03-2020Harun ShambhaniLightning StrikersRespect Indian Army 336,72544,198,400 
26-02-2020Hashim MorkelDraamebaazRespect Indian Army 115,605116,331,400 
25-02-2020Jagjit ChandokRespect Indian ArmyChak De 302 187,556159,009,400 
18-02-2020Brolly WilsonsoldierRespect Indian Army 277,223114,707,400 
16-02-2020Luke HillRespect Indian ArmyMarvelous Knights 10,9564,619,400 
14-02-2020Bazid IslamRespect Indian ArmyFatal Eagles 346,113129,880,600 
08-02-2020Bazid IslamRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 346,113134,792,500 
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