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Transfer History

Players bought: 441
Players sold: 463
Total purchases: Rs 11,430,541,088
Total sales: Rs 13,935,200,075
Displaying 41-60 of 871 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-07-2020Alvin Darrellkerala strickersRespect Indian Army 62710,000 
06-07-2020Jim TorrensRespect Indian ArmyRISHAV KING 732 131,420139,706,800 
04-07-2020Dilshad Hossainkunal007Respect Indian Army 290,29754,043,100 
03-07-2020Christopher WebbRespect Indian ArmyKerala Strikers 3990 105,30413,451,000 
30-06-2020Sanatan KhandelwalRespect Indian ArmyDream Eleven Cricket Club 34,91120,682,400 
29-06-2020Sumit MahlotraRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 152,26726,942,800 
29-06-2020Christopher WebbRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 108,51413,577,900 
29-06-2020Bruce WarehamBobby Dazzlers XIRespect Indian Army 169,65635,000,000 
26-06-2020Auburn SaggersRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 153,209133,737,700 
26-06-2020Robin HatchardJah LionsRespect Indian Army 226,18572,726,200 
25-06-2020Shishir GoyalRespect Indian ArmyAman's XI Gunners 24,69218,230,000 
18-06-2020Brogan CarlinJugaaadRespect Indian Army 353,923162,550,800 
14-06-2020Pranav JainRespect Indian ArmyFAST 11 200,329229,342,400 
01-06-2020Ekodar KohliRespect Indian ArmyKing Of Kings 2238 130,56642,562,800 
31-05-2020Arindam GaliaRespect Indian ArmySamuel Sneakerzzz 42,22522,842,400 
31-05-2020Pranav JainRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 194,452213,454,000 
31-05-2020Bikram TamangsoldierRespect Indian Army 248,87575,287,200 
31-05-2020Ankit KhareMelbourne MachinesRespect Indian Army 60,38260,000,000 
31-05-2020Subodh VarmaChennai Super King'sRespect Indian Army 11,1371,971,100 
31-05-2020Ashwell TefuRespect Indian ArmySPICE 87,790105,660,000 
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