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Transfer History

Players bought: 441
Players sold: 463
Total purchases: Rs 11,430,541,088
Total sales: Rs 13,935,200,075
Displaying 21-40 of 871 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-07-2020Steven BadhamTonka TykesRespect Indian Army 339,27462,500,000 
26-07-2020Subodh VarmaRespect Indian ArmyArmy of Legends 20,62223,613,300 
25-07-2020Dilshad HossainRespect Indian Armystar of Kerala 291,89766,246,400 
23-07-2020Robin HatchardRespect Indian ArmyOUR NEMESIS 230,32486,620,800 
23-07-2020Brogan CarlinRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 363,043205,830,600 
17-07-2020Sumit MahlotraRespect Indian ArmyVirat Kohli Challengers 140,98117,084,000 
14-07-2020Abhivan SamalaPunjab Bulls 2883Respect Indian Army 38,72428,354,700 
12-07-2020Nayan VankeuStranger ElevenRespect Indian Army 26,17335,120,000 
11-07-2020Bikram TamangRespect Indian ArmyNeutral XI 256,42563,536,400 
10-07-2020Ivor HoltonrockingstarRespect Indian Army 102,14053,256,400 
10-07-2020Bruce WheelerRespect Indian ArmyAk CC 199,82150,656,000 
10-07-2020Brogan CarlinRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 360,300183,141,500 
09-07-2020Siddhant KapoorDEFEATING AMIGOS CHENNAIRespect Indian Army 22,05511,606,000 
09-07-2020Biprashish BhattacharjeeDEFEATING AMIGOS CHENNAIRespect Indian Army 34,21210,547,200 
08-07-2020Sirajul HasanRespect Indian ArmyShivanshu India 109,70676,484,800 
08-07-2020Ankit KhareRespect Indian ArmySpenciars Scoutia 71,68691,950,100 
08-07-2020Chandrashekhar MongiaRespect Indian Armychennai super king 7148 269,98169,087,600 
08-07-2020Auburn SaggersRespect Indian ArmyDazzlin Dragons 156,712107,809,600 
08-07-2020Julian BadhamPak Shaheen 2Respect Indian Army 19,59717,080,000 
07-07-2020Bishnu DasGujarat's TigersRespect Indian Army 17,594181,900 
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