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Transfer History

Players bought: 441
Players sold: 463
Total purchases: Rs 11,430,541,088
Total sales: Rs 13,935,200,075
Displaying 181-200 of 871 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-09-2019Yashwanth DhingraRespect Indian ArmyWORLD CLASS PLAYER XI 272,432130,524,800 
25-09-2019Sumeet SharmaPrimroseRespect Indian Army 13,2848,926,600 
24-09-2019Yash GoelRespect Indian ArmyElite Strikers 32,9093,530,000 
24-09-2019Nishit JoshiRespect Indian Army11 star boys 36,0267,400,800 
16-09-2019Shihabuddin HabibNeutral XIRespect Indian Army 197,10976,645,400 
16-09-2019Donald WadsworthLankan Lion'sRespect Indian Army 53,0298,900,000 
16-09-2019Saiyid Mazumderteam kris3Respect Indian Army 73,5029,000,000 
16-09-2019Sunil KhandelwalRavi Chauhan Super KingsRespect Indian Army 21,7902,060,000 
15-09-2019Madison MarshUtsav United 1853Respect Indian Army 49,86819,835,000 
15-09-2019Lester BondFINANCIAL HUBRespect Indian Army 210,36030,905,400 
12-09-2019Chandrashekhar ThakoreRespect Indian ArmyNow or Never 30,5152,230,000 
12-09-2019Zakir AhmadUnstoppables 007Respect Indian Army 218,70538,274,000 
11-09-2019Rohil TapariaRoyal Stars 2018Respect Indian Army 153,22040,574,700 
09-09-2019Gurcharan MoneRespect Indian ArmySpin Strikers 13,0309,563,200 
02-09-2019Prateek PrajapatiRespect Indian ArmyPROUD INDIANSS 278,647124,934,400 
02-09-2019Galton VogelRespect Indian ArmyPROUD INDIANSS 294,801124,320,000 
22-08-2019Jayashish KumarsoldierRespect Indian Army 59,10924,920,000 
21-08-2019Gobinda KatakeyRespect Indian ArmyRespect Indian Army 22,36429,197,800 
05-08-2019Carrick CorryChennai Super Kings100Respect Indian Army 10,5728,941,000 
05-08-2019Chinmayananda Choudhurynikhil warriorsRespect Indian Army 12,8795,982,500 
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