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Transfer History

Players bought: 79
Players sold: 159
Total purchases: Rs 961,823,959
Total sales: Rs 1,082,373,920
Displaying 1-20 of 238 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-08-2020Durgesh LohiaBlack panthers X1Abhishek Ants 8368 316,34951,764,400 
15-01-2020Kalanath SavarkarBlack panthers X1MI avengers 116,35518,385,300 
01-12-2019Aarav PatelBlack panthers X1Khan's KKR 159,06124,845,600 
26-09-2019Debayan DagaBlack panthers X1Vijay sun risers 70,5177,725,000 
10-09-2019Cleophas ShintreBlack panthers X1Deactivated team 113,47416,421,000 
24-07-2018Salman AkhtarBlack panthers X1Usman XI 351813 105,11942,410,000 
24-07-2018Din RafikBlack panthers X1Asus XI 79,78039,350,000 
24-07-2018Premal MoothanBlack panthers X1Chak De 302 104,97765,106,600 
23-07-2018Abhik KotokiParsis XiBlack panthers X1 154,08070,920,000 
23-07-2018Amanveer MehraParsis XiBlack panthers X1 141,91964,070,000 
21-07-2018Shakti ManYuvi YanksBlack panthers X1 131,87757,557,900 
19-07-2018Faiz JawadBlack panthers X1Khan XI 8492 165,49757,095,000 
10-05-2018Shravan KathuriaBlack panthers X1Riyad Tigers 18,3421,255,000 
09-05-2018Krishna YadavBlack panthers X1Riyad Tigers 21,6983,299,400 
09-05-2018Debayan DagaMohd XI 1240Black panthers X1 42,52219,079,000 
09-05-2018Deenanath TatpattiBlack panthers X1Riyad Tigers 18,4883,108,200 
21-04-2018Ajoy RajkhowaBlack panthers X1Mayur Xtremers 3,184286,500 
21-04-2018Durgesh LohiaKing Kindlers 3019Black panthers X1 67,64028,840,000 
11-04-2018Kaustubh AacharBlack panthers X1ARCHANGELZ 12,030519,200 
02-04-2018Abhik TatpattiBlack panthers X1Deactivated team 6,154200,000 
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