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Transfer History

Players bought: 511
Players sold: 572
Total purchases: Rs 3,158,874,999
Total sales: Rs 3,671,952,414
Displaying 1-20 of 1041 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-02-2020Nathan McgrathMSD XI finishermahi the captain cool 124,01419,000,000 
21-02-2020Raghu VashisthaMSD XI finishermahi the captain cool 41,93522,000,000 
03-02-2020Gautam Reddymahi the captain cooltutana 71,06412,300,000 
03-02-2020Ian Clarkemahi the captain coolRoxx XI 46,6885,200,000 
03-02-2020Dheeraj Vatsmahi the captain cooltutana 13,6402,600,000 
03-02-2020Gatnam Grewalmahi the captain cooltutana 12,8372,200,000 
03-02-2020Vidhatanand Singhmahi the captain coolThe Bengal Kings XI 25,9826,895,900 
03-02-2020Hanuman Deevimahi the captain cooltutana 12,1722,100,000 
03-02-2020Shubhansh Ghanghasmahi the captain cooltutana 30,7293,000,000 
03-02-2020Chandrakumar Sarmahmahi the captain cooltutana 7,9562,100,000 
03-02-2020Thomas Johnsonmahi the captain coolKohli 5836 184,31135,000,000 
03-02-2020Afzal SarkarMSD XI finishermahi the captain cool 304,46869,420,500 
02-02-2020Kiran Rastogimahi the captain coolRoaring Bengal Tigers 65,85451,000,000 
02-02-2020Peleg HaileyKohli 5836mahi the captain cool 18,4673,076,700 
01-02-2020Gopal PhadanvisLions XI 5178mahi the captain cool 18,6154,500,000 
01-02-2020Gustaw SznejderLions XI 5178mahi the captain cool 17,2183,000,000 
01-02-2020Sourav KohliMSD XI finishermahi the captain cool 214,54151,000,000 
29-01-2020Gautam ReddyJhAtamahi the captain cool 71,06415,913,500 
28-01-2020Soummya AkhterMSD XI finishermahi the captain cool 105,62540,000,000 
28-01-2020Chandrakumar AcharjeeMHanadmahi the captain cool 84,60617,000,000 
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