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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 100
Total purchases: Rs 154,417,200
Total sales: Rs 136,059,512
Displaying 161-180 of 196 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-12-2015Vinayak SachdevaHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIHoly Tigers 22,986419,200 
13-12-2015Mufaro MacharagaHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIDeactivated team 21,90310,000 
13-12-2015Arpit GodhwaniHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIDeactivated team 25,33810,000 
10-12-2015Rashmil HaldankarTWISTED CHOICEHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 12,352800,000 
10-12-2015Sohail KulachiAimim 11HG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 14,851647,400 
10-12-2015Mohammad GhauriDeactivated teamHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 16,556500,000 
30-11-2015Hyat FasihuddinHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIXtreme Team 27,46252,400 
30-11-2015Humayun ElahiHG ROYAL WARRIORS XISTYLISH STARS 25,10110,000 
30-11-2015Jim JacksonHG ROYAL WARRIORS XITharu XI 11,88310,000 
19-11-2015Abhishek SougrakpramDeactivated teamHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 35,320700,000 
17-11-2015Arpit GodhwaniPandian ExpressHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 26,23610,000 
16-11-2015Mthunz MadiganHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIMumbai Thunderstrikers 9,76210,000 
12-11-2015Abhisht PawarHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIMadrid FC 10,564728,300 
12-11-2015Adam OrmeHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIKhan CC XI 10,277124,400 
09-11-2015Vinayak SachdevaUp KillHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 25,27910,000 
06-11-2015Asheem Raymak XI ClubHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 14,12750,000 
01-11-2015Craig LavarackBighadoo BunkersHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 29,6451,819,800 
30-10-2015Suresh BalaHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIALI STRIKERS 12,46610,000 
30-10-2015Ranjan KhareHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIALI STRIKERS 9,50810,000 
30-10-2015Kalanath KhetreHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIALI STRIKERS 8,45210,000 
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