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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 100
Total purchases: Rs 154,417,200
Total sales: Rs 136,059,512
Displaying 141-160 of 196 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-01-2016Tunuguntla DesaiDNY ki CSKHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 8,61710,000 
19-01-2016Ankur AroraCyber HeroesHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 12,989150,000 
07-01-2016Jagadish Vaidyankottayam koolboysHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 8,53210,000 
04-01-2016Jayesh PanditHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIAce Of Kings 12,073836,900 
04-01-2016Siddiqur ButtHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI11idots 10,40230,000 
04-01-2016Mohammad GhauriHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIRumbond 16,556500,000 
04-01-2016Ashwani MeenaHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIOld Cannons 9,01220,000 
30-12-2015Shahid AhmedHG ROYAL WARRIORS XITHE CASTLE BLACK 13,2982,601,000 
27-12-2015Siddiqur ButtONLY 11HG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 10,40210,800 
27-12-2015Shahid AhmedAk CCHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 13,2981,800,000 
26-12-2015Ajeel GoonatillekeHG ROYAL WARRIORS XISilent Killer 1213 23,199112,200 
26-12-2015Vijay ChaharAsSaM SuPeR rHiNoSHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 13,370100,000 
25-12-2015Vinodi BandaraGsolanki 11HG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 14,634300,000 
21-12-2015Henry TomHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIGREEN PARK WARRiORSS 14,61220,000 
20-12-2015Ajeel GoonatillekePVN XIHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 23,199104,100 
18-12-2015Ashwani MeenaYuvraj SixersHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 9,01210,200 
18-12-2015Jayesh PanditThe Abhay 11HG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 12,073500,000 
18-12-2015Henry Tomind LionsHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 14,61220,000 
17-12-2015Sardar Hashmijakir xiHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 12,81810,500 
17-12-2015Sebastian MilnerHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIDeadly Knights 16,8031,020,000 
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