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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 100
Total purchases: Rs 154,417,200
Total sales: Rs 136,059,512
Displaying 41-60 of 196 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-05-2016Animesh BhatiaHG ROYAL WARRIORS XITracers 7677 19,063153,000 
28-05-2016Shane AldenYogeshpal YagersHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 55,4672,500,000 
26-05-2016Rahul SaxenaHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIDeactivated team 23,5146,063,500 
25-05-2016Amit NattarThe Ball Burners XIHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 34,4842,754,000 
25-05-2016Bernardo HenriquesHG ROYAL WARRIORS XISparsh Cricket Club 18,4452,122,500 
22-05-2016Yasin RaufBangersHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 26,4733,000,000 
22-05-2016Vali PillaiHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIUlsoor Warriors 2081 25,4052,972,900 
21-05-2016Siddhartha PinnamaneniTiger CubsHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 46,2383,183,700 
14-05-2016Nathen SinghHG ROYAL WARRIORS XICEREBRAL ASSASINS 17,1691,560,600 
14-05-2016Irfan AhmedHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIMayu's Monsters 17,7734,208,500 
09-05-2016Hyat TurkhelHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIIrish XI 795 12,0571,539,200 
09-05-2016Amjad HossainComilla SupergaintsHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 20,9332,000,000 
06-05-2016Kerry Emersonchennai legends XIHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 28,9053,000,000 
01-05-2016Dharam SainiHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIpt champs 17,8223,528,100 
01-05-2016Peter GayferHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIAkshat Advancers 26,6992,040,000 
25-04-2016Rasgur SinghDeactivated teamHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 18,5421,340,000 
24-04-2016Rahul SaxenamAveRicKs tWelVeHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 20,6471,700,000 
22-04-2016Indika ArnoldaHG ROYAL WARRIORS XIDeactivated team 22,2573,000,000 
22-04-2016Animesh BhatiaSunriserz HyderabadHG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 19,788106,200 
20-04-2016Geoffrey BlaneyGaurav XI 1704HG ROYAL WARRIORS XI 31,7242,643,200 
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