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Transfer History

Players bought: 179
Players sold: 227
Total purchases: Rs 3,704,913,080
Total sales: Rs 4,368,473,260
Displaying 81-100 of 406 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-12-2017Ryan AdairAxeHunter XIHit Sixer XI 134,38463,000,000 
30-11-2017Duante WeeksHit Sixer XIbrutal titans 68,30555,166,800 
26-11-2017Kenneth WontnerHit Sixer XIOMG Freaks 34,62628,510,000 
19-11-2017Thabo MtizwaFreaks And GeeksHit Sixer XI 199,01237,500,000 
19-11-2017Sayak GangulySutapa's lionsHit Sixer XI 162,95749,337,000 
16-11-2017Jeremy GriffithMISSION I M POSSIBLEHit Sixer XI 42,45133,000,000 
09-11-2017Tatenda ChakabvaHit Sixer XILEDGENDARY WARRIORS 38,87125,100,000 
07-11-2017Firdose AhmedThe ShowstopperHit Sixer XI 24,75612,000,000 
05-11-2017Suresh KrishnamurthiAxeHunter XIHit Sixer XI 85,44945,000,000 
04-11-2017Arnav KamediaHit Sixer XImuslims tiger 45,93432,000,000 
04-11-2017Shannon MortonAxeHunter XIHit Sixer XI 104,81726,000,000 
29-10-2017Viren KumarHit Sixer XIBiratnagar Worries 101,12875,015,000 
19-10-2017Oscar ThriplandHit Sixer XISam Seamers 1061 18,2833,278,200 
17-10-2017Kenneth WontnerANGRY DARK KNIGHTHit Sixer XI 19,2074,635,000 
12-10-2017Gordon CainesThe ShowstopperHit Sixer XI 27,68815,405,000 
09-10-2017Jack McDonnellHit Sixer XIChennai Star's 72,29157,195,000 
08-10-2017Bharath PotlapallyNisharry WarriorsHit Sixer XI 11,041250,000 
07-10-2017Shabbir HassanBorn FightersHit Sixer XI 207,66070,840,000 
06-10-2017Sachin JoshiHit Sixer XIHadi Hunters 14,3452,621,100 
06-10-2017Chadwick AlleyneHit Sixer XIghaznavi warriors 19,0654,605,800 
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