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Transfer History

Players bought: 179
Players sold: 227
Total purchases: Rs 3,704,913,080
Total sales: Rs 4,368,473,260
Displaying 61-80 of 406 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-02-2018Jeremy GriffithHit Sixer XIPrabhusamy 80,74077,250,000 
27-02-2018Sachin SaxenaShah BahdshaHit Sixer XI 53,86957,031,000 
25-02-2018Norman HallSteyn GunssHit Sixer XI 100,73088,515,300 
25-02-2018Satyajeet ChodankarHit Sixer XIInsomniacS 23,1193,970,000 
25-02-2018Brenden CookBD Tigers xiHit Sixer XI 88,22975,000,000 
23-02-2018Dougie CalawayHit Sixer XIBalor Club 68,22974,500,000 
22-02-2018Stephen PetersonAchiever's XIHit Sixer XI 51,17063,000,000 
22-02-2018Andre WaaldijkRK03Hit Sixer XI 91,45398,000,000 
16-02-2018Abhay AgarwalHit Sixer XIBangalore Mavericks 9,3062,170,000 
11-02-2018Godwin KabuHit Sixer XIVM HAWKS''' 45,87925,537,600 
28-01-2018Shannon MortonHit Sixer XITN warriors 8099 104,81722,000,000 
21-01-2018Morne CronjeChennai FoxHit Sixer XI 43,78327,000,000 
08-01-2018Sayak GangulyHit Sixer XIArmy of Legends 153,41745,320,000 
31-12-2017Dougie CalawayHIYA FATIMAHit Sixer XI 44,13443,709,100 
26-12-2017Nathan WaddyHit Sixer XIclouders 45,79925,000,000 
22-12-2017Thabo MtizwaHit Sixer XIjagan pirates 177,59632,781,900 
21-12-2017Frederick AdamsCool FightsHit Sixer XI 55,41431,347,700 
16-12-2017Shabbir HassanHit Sixer XIMushi XI 207,66067,596,200 
11-12-2017Stephen VaughanHit Sixer XIAgarwal's 3010 28,4365,845,300 
07-12-2017Ian TebbittHit Sixer XIInbox 16,8252,300,600 
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