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Transfer History

Players bought: 179
Players sold: 227
Total purchases: Rs 3,704,913,080
Total sales: Rs 4,368,473,260
Displaying 41-60 of 406 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-07-2018Winston TrottHit Sixer XIRanchi Slayers 1685 79,60175,943,900 
08-07-2018Jatin ChowdaryHit Sixer XIClub 87 Marching Ants 81,74770,650,400 
06-07-2018Shamshad SalmanSir Varun NandodeHit Sixer XI 126,40688,775,200 
13-06-2018Chirakumar RathoreImperial FightersHit Sixer XI 39,87522,894,300 
12-06-2018Morne CronjeHit Sixer XIMADRAS' 43,78325,000,000 
11-06-2018Harjas DuttHillsBorougH JF96Hit Sixer XI 86,16771,080,300 
22-05-2018Keith ReeveesHit Sixer XIGabbarSingh Ke Fauz 113,54590,000,000 
10-04-2018Selwyn SammyHit Sixer XISitun Shadows 24,3023,306,500 
10-04-2018George FrancisHit Sixer XISkull Crushers 9969 23,6171,092,800 
10-04-2018Firdose AhmedHit Sixer XISanjay Seamers 5443 24,75610,000,000 
06-04-2018Norman HallHit Sixer XIcrickter's 115,062100,000,000 
12-03-2018Koshila SenanayakeUnited Cricketers 6120Hit Sixer XI 118,39235,000,000 
04-03-2018Suresh KrishnamurthiHit Sixer XIDeadly Knights 85,92753,560,000 
01-03-2018Jatin ChowdaryChennai FoxHit Sixer XI 59,65189,554,100 
01-03-2018Winston TrottKINNG XIHit Sixer XI 56,53753,560,000 
01-03-2018Sartaj Alihurricane X1Hit Sixer XI 53,00962,528,500 
28-02-2018Bharath PotlapallyHit Sixer XISaichaitanya Shooters 11,0411,567,800 
28-02-2018Ryan AdairHit Sixer XIChennai Fox 134,38470,000,000 
28-02-2018Reginald LaurensHit Sixer XIANGRY DARK KNIGHT 15,731839,500 
28-02-2018Frederick AdamsHit Sixer XIMonsterous Sixers 79,79265,000,000 
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