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Transfer History

Players bought: 179
Players sold: 227
Total purchases: Rs 3,704,913,080
Total sales: Rs 4,368,473,260
Displaying 1-20 of 406 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-06-2019Alex MorganHit Sixer XIPITSTOP 11,90916,030,200 
10-06-2019Sanjay KonwarHit Sixer XIAxeHunter XI 30,09548,390,000 
10-06-2019Erskine CrutchleyHit Sixer XIUtopian Club 32,27322,523,600 
09-06-2019Alex MorganBaroda StrikersHit Sixer XI 11,90913,079,300 
29-05-2019Mangesh HazareHit Sixer XIRanchi Slayers 1685 86,31655,565,300 
26-05-2019Jim TaylorHit Sixer XIpraga mumbai 22,64013,101,600 
26-05-2019Erskine CrutchleyMonika PowerbombsHit Sixer XI 31,37836,040,100 
24-05-2019Sanjay Konwarsunrisers garhwal XIHit Sixer XI 30,09549,010,000 
30-04-2019Jim TaylorChennai FoxHit Sixer XI 22,64022,700,000 
29-04-2019Harihar PillaiHit Sixer XIAxeHunter XI 13,63610,026,200 
23-04-2019Harihar PillaiHOLY SATAN'SHit Sixer XI 13,6363,689,800 
13-03-2019Mangesh HazareAxeHunter XIHit Sixer XI 60,02545,900,000 
13-03-2019Colin HannamHit Sixer XIThe Champz 90,84446,660,400 
05-03-2019Barry WestonAxeHunter XIHit Sixer XI 107,02081,508,800 
28-02-2019Allan LauraChennai FoxHit Sixer XI 204,881140,000,000 
26-02-2019Chirakumar RathoreHit Sixer XIKaKaKaPo 118,24061,658,300 
23-02-2019Ritesh AnanduKarimpinkalaHit Sixer XI 12,47310,693,800 
19-02-2019Brenden CookHit Sixer XIPak Shaheen 2 150,31373,267,200 
19-02-2019Oliver WyattHit Sixer XIIndian stunner's 2742 247,344149,224,000 
16-02-2019Asharbh FaraswamiHit Sixer XITHE LEGENDS FACTORY 82,23351,708,800 
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