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Transfer History

Players bought: 90
Players sold: 143
Total purchases: Rs 1,381,632,959
Total sales: Rs 1,494,984,860
Displaying 1-20 of 233 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-12-2017Gilbert GilhoolyThe White TigerScrew ball 27,39215,000,000 
23-11-2017Madison YoungThe White TigerBlazing Indian'S 10,9611,000,000 
19-11-2017Nathan ReiffelThe White TigerHitlerreign Hellbreakers 17,9743,450,400 
19-11-2017Bradley LaverThe White TigerDieter's Destroyers 12,8861,000,000 
16-11-2017Stuart MartynThe White TigerDHAKA 22,0364,505,200 
16-11-2017Greg BabbageThe White TigerDelhi Daggers 6222 10,920175,100 
31-10-2017Gilbert GilhoolyLightning ShadowsThe White Tiger 18,3644,784,400 
31-10-2017Gabby DawsonThe White TigerRajasthan Royals 7025 20,7234,321,100 
31-10-2017Justin KellyThe White TigerScrew ball 23,88811,000,000 
31-10-2017Brendan ButlerThe White TigerStorming XI' 33,62616,448,300 
21-09-2017Glennn SaundersonThe White Tigerscube knight riders 26,96912,000,000 
21-09-2017Joshua GaleThe White TigerThe Flying Mafia's 25,50711,100,000 
31-08-2017Grant NelproteasX1The White Tiger 116,54175,000,000 
28-08-2017Glennn SaundersonSudharson XIThe White Tiger 19,7514,136,400 
27-08-2017Shingi TsvanhuThe White TigerScrew ball 43,99731,890,000 
26-08-2017Adam WatsonThe White TigerScrew ball 22,58917,500,000 
10-08-2017Usman SandhuThe White TigerTeam Jaguars  33,1119,854,100 
10-08-2017Saeed KhanThe White TigerScrew ball 30,66511,400,000 
29-07-2017Neil CallawayThe White TigerFaheem Firsttimers 16,8251,243,900 
08-06-2017Cameron MaddocksThe White Tigergadha xi 28,73025,000,000 
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