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Transfer History

Players bought: 17
Players sold: 10
Total purchases: Rs 46,946,500
Total sales: Rs 27,230,200
Displaying 1-20 of 26 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-08-2018Alan CookDream XI SuperstarsSteel City Warriors XI 22,0017,515,000 
06-08-2018Sriram PurohitSteel City Warriors XIAyush Lions 8588 28,9201,020,000 
06-08-2018Abhay KarthikSteel City Warriors XIchampion Xi 496 9,496550,000 
08-07-2018Sourav ChingthamSteel City Warriors XIRiya Queen 32,8408,285,000 
08-07-2018Sourav AakarshSteel City Warriors XINaman Zoners 7894 11,1831,030,000 
05-07-2018Ajantha SampathDream Champions 7801Steel City Warriors XI 43,1264,496,500 
05-07-2018Shabbir AkhtarRising Super Kings 8148Steel City Warriors XI 25,3913,090,000 
02-07-2018Sahani StephniBharat youdhaSteel City Warriors XI 29,964298,700 
28-06-2018Shafiq AkramSteel City Warriors XIGmachin Sena 12,9281,000,200 
28-06-2018Deb MaheshwariSteel City Warriors XIGmachin Sena 25,4455,500,200 
27-06-2018Neil GallopThe FolkmenSteel City Warriors XI 62,2965,575,100 
21-06-2018Adan BhattacharyaSteel City Warriors XISteel City Warriors XI 11,0501,500,000 
21-06-2018Gopi RameshanSteel City Warriors XIwarriors 1648 15,0821,000,000 
18-06-2018Pradip UpponiPahadi 11Steel City Warriors XI 16,8471,000,000 
18-06-2018Suresh SahooBharat BulletSteel City Warriors XI 12,378480,000 
18-06-2018Aditya KothapalliSteel City Warriors XIAspaltdj Jolters 7,729460,000 
18-06-2018Jagajeet SamoothiriKozhikode BlastersSteel City Warriors XI 21,6052,165,000 
18-06-2018Zane PollardRishit VictorsSteel City Warriors XI 17,0771,359,600 
16-06-2018Deb MaheshwariBlack Panthers 11Steel City Warriors XI 23,5775,000,000 
16-06-2018Sami NaqviSteel City Warriors XIPrashant Panthers 9,6277,404,800 
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