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Transfer History

Players bought: 123
Players sold: 157
Total purchases: Rs 3,782,299,700
Total sales: Rs 4,554,336,651
Displaying 1-20 of 277 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-03-2020Sukhroop DhaliwalCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCBengaal 152,55765,105,400 
27-06-2019Jagdish JogiyaniCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCLaghman Atalan 150,96279,998,000 
23-06-2019Mark DuckworthCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCTHE LEADER 219,36380,198,700 
22-06-2019Sankhanil SagnikCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCSPICE 383,762124,422,400 
21-06-2019Akshay EnugantiCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCRajpoot Gladiators 252,829152,326,200 
21-05-2019Dhanraj DivvelaCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCDashing Riders 457,820228,102,000 
27-04-2019Akshay EnugantiAM XI 3967CHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 239,159110,290,000 
22-04-2019Gobardhan MaheshwariCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCDream XI Superstars 21,10819,588,800 
15-04-2019Maniram PanigrahiCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCKarnataka Rocker 143,34796,170,000 
12-04-2019Darrell Wadewa drop bearsCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 1,79930,000 
12-04-2019Fajahat Miahwa drop bearsCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 2,03030,000 
12-04-2019Duante DamianBig LionCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 4,805154,500 
11-04-2019Sachin MajumdarCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCRahul Challengers Baroda 19,9768,870,000 
04-04-2019Abhishek MaheshwariCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCThe Ravens 257,951117,330,400 
22-03-2019Badal KarCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCSaritha Blasters 17,4534,730,000 
17-03-2019Sathinder SethThe Kings ArmyCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 144,97055,000,000 
16-03-2019Sankhanil SagnikShanu TigersCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 372,427168,971,200 
05-03-2019Lawton KearneyCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCFurious Beast's 274,010112,997,400 
04-03-2019Charles AdamsCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CCHeyRam 231,38399,742,400 
01-03-2019Mark DuckworthAvarice StrikersCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 203,73373,999,000 
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