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Transfer History

Players bought: 200
Players sold: 183
Total purchases: Rs 1,319,945,651
Total sales: Rs 1,498,517,655
Displaying 41-60 of 381 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-07-2017Nikhil HariMIGHTY MIDGETS XIDeactivated team 21,981228,000 
25-07-2017Ira AllrounderMIGHTY MIDGETS XICaptain 11 8287 17,399319,200 
25-07-2017Rodger JackeyMIGHTY MIDGETS XIPathans XI 30,1064,622,800 
25-07-2017Clint LaurieMIGHTY MIDGETS XILIGHTNING RR 17,739255,000 
25-07-2017Shokat AliMIGHTY MIDGETS XITWISTED CHOICE 14,3762,070,200 
25-07-2017Utpal GoyalMIGHTY MIDGETS XIRaj sulthans 25,3801,972,400 
25-07-2017Dattu PonnalaMIGHTY MIDGETS XIProvat Princes 36,2124,542,700 
25-07-2017Luqman MazharMIGHTY MIDGETS XITeam Blasterzzz 47,6966,729,900 
25-07-2017Mudit SaxenaMIGHTY MIDGETS XIraj7 25,905318,500 
25-07-2017Owen WaideMIGHTY MIDGETS XIDeactivated team 60,8819,313,000 
25-07-2017Nishad SupunMIGHTY MIDGETS XIROYAL CHALLLENGERS 27,4162,533,100 
25-07-2017Chalitha LakmalMIGHTY MIDGETS XIThe power hitters 31,1693,000,000 
25-07-2017Manu BishnoiMIGHTY MIDGETS XIThe power hitters 40,2635,000,000 
25-07-2017Prasoon VamshiMIGHTY MIDGETS XISikkim Super Strikers 59,5338,160,000 
25-07-2017Patrick De BruinMIGHTY MIDGETS XIHypercity 66,4899,845,200 
25-07-2017Harun MohammadMIGHTY MIDGETS XIAafaqXI 6711 56,0318,171,615 
25-07-2017Saptak MaheshwariMIGHTY MIDGETS XISikkim Super Strikers 60,4228,335,100 
07-06-2017Lala SnowMIGHTY MIDGETS XISteeds XI 78,48010,545,300 
30-03-2017Patrick De BruinTHE DETERIORATERSMIGHTY MIDGETS XI 93,61916,646,400 
29-03-2017Makul SinghMIGHTY MIDGETS XIWillow Whackers 101,95230,000,000 
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