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Transfer History

Players bought: 41
Players sold: 56
Total purchases: Rs 185,960,500
Total sales: Rs 211,468,452
Displaying 1-20 of 97 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
12-07-2016Tim CarmodyWizards of 'Cricket'Mdrifat Bangladesh Tiger 18,2772,243,900 
06-07-2016Ghafoor MianWizards of 'Cricket'The punisherr 51,78516,830,000 
12-03-2016Robin MedcalfVictory CreatorsWizards of 'Cricket' 40,23333,660,000 
07-03-2016Zoe ZesersWizards of 'Cricket'SRAVAN RISERS 18,8493,641,400 
28-01-2016James BaileyWizards of 'Cricket'Rockers IX 17,9243,500,000 
28-01-2016Mohamed SachiniWizards of 'Cricket'Hardcore 34,82826,010,000 
26-01-2016Vineet PrasannaWizards of 'Cricket'Madhavaram Marauders 53,67330,314,600 
25-01-2016Meghdatt UllalPrashant XI CCWizards of 'Cricket' 30,2794,780,600 
23-01-2016Zane VelettaWizards of 'Cricket'Trisha Tamil''Queen' 14,9961,000,000 
22-01-2016Idris AhmedaniSumeriansWizards of 'Cricket' 65,20638,306,300 
22-01-2016Runako PecotWizards of 'Cricket'Aakash Classics 41,5992,252,500 
22-01-2016Umar HameedWizards of 'Cricket'Lahore Lion umar 46,8017,624,600 
07-01-2016James BaileyEleven Star ClubWizards of 'Cricket' 16,0363,060,000 
30-12-2015Sudarshan DallaWizards of 'Cricket'CJ Riders 33,33311,414,900 
27-09-2015Shishir BhagwatiWizards of 'Cricket'KING of XI KINGS 38,63819,530,000 
23-09-2015Umar HameedStars of KeralaWizards of 'Cricket' 70,2308,000,000 
06-09-2015Rhys FlemingRising 11Wizards of 'Cricket' 31,7465,500,000 
30-08-2015Deighton PercivalWizards of 'Cricket'Madras Strikers 44,7234,864,200 
29-08-2015Herschelle MgajiWizards of 'Cricket'SLARY BLOOD XI 32,3632,040,000 
29-08-2015Kristian GilesWizards of 'Cricket'Deactivated team 27,6901,286,600 
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