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Transfer History

Players bought: 58
Players sold: 115
Total purchases: Rs 594,096,660
Total sales: Rs 1,065,699,174
Displaying 1-20 of 173 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-01-2018Tasso MpofuI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilDeactivated team 106,24126,640,500 
03-01-2018Justin JardineI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilIndian Kings 6989 35,69817,763,600 
03-01-2018Oscar GarwoodI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilMelbourne Renegade's 42,96127,102,600 
03-01-2018Syed MalikI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilOda's Eleven 54,10036,411,300 
03-01-2018Carl GibsonI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilBensBees 59,20534,507,000 
03-01-2018Abhay KhoundI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilAlcoholics 112,05440,003,400 
03-01-2018Zakir RashidI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilVery Bad Hitters 99,94137,131,500 
03-01-2018Addison OwenI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilMNR Leonard's 96,68450,150,400 
03-01-2018Ankit DahiyaI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilBBclub 142,89341,197,700 
03-01-2018Mitch PerkinI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilBlue India 113,75263,934,400 
03-01-2018Bruce RabnottI'm Nt Bad Jst EvilAmalsad Indians 110,85651,500,000 
02-01-2018Narayan UpretiAfghan winnersI'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 5,0612,768,900 
02-01-2018Sriram Vaidhyanathanteam kris1I'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 6,485135,000 
02-01-2018Fanindra PaudelIndia 1142009I'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 5,2651,380,000 
02-01-2018Raymoond VaughanNew South Wales SharksI'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 4,93190,000 
02-01-2018Waqar AlviPakistani Shahen 8323I'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 10,529250,000 
02-01-2018Vamsi BoyinaLions XI 1261I'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 6,824240,000 
02-01-2018Herschelle PothasCameron ClawsI'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 5,629180,000 
02-01-2018Naveed RafikDirk's DigglersI'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 9,173100,000 
02-01-2018Chetan RastogiViPeR iNCI'm Nt Bad Jst Evil 9,715350,000 
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